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  • Protein extractor

    I bought a protein extractor because I had some foam on the water due to the aeration. I had intention to feed it with the water coming from the skimmer .
    I also bought a 5000 litre/h pomp because it was said in the notice to use a pomp between 3000 and 4500 litre/h and I thought I could loose a little pressure.
    After a full day working, nothing hapened had no foam at all. in the extractor.

    Does anybody already used that kind of protein extractor ?
    What better system should be used ?
    Is that solution a good solution for helping filtration ?
    Thanks for your opinion.
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    Contact Aquatic Eco Systems in Florida, USA. I'm sure the can help you with this one.


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      I have never seen that unit, but the old column units need a few days to develop a slime layer on the walls of the unit before they start working. Most protein skimmers seem to work intermittently depending on what the heterotrophs in the pond are doing at the time.

      -steve hopkins


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