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    Hi guys,

    Just bought myself some Maruyama Showa. 2 & 4 are mine while a friend of mine bought 3. I bought 2 & 4 as the sumi are slightly different and I am comtemplating buying 1, but it has similarity to 2. Any comments on all four and should I get number 1 too?

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    I'd go 4, 2, 1, 3.

    If I'd already bought my first two choices i don't think I'd go for the third, enogh to watch and learn with the first two, unless of course you have plenty of space and love showa's!

    "Gentlemen prefer ponds"


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      Hi GCSpyder,

      My choices in order would be 2,3,1,4. This is based on my preference of not having too much red for showa. Anyway, 2 would be the safest choice since its pattern is more well balance especially equal proportion of three color on the head (the sumi will come out). I think all of the kois have good attributes for the body especially no 4.

      The white on 3 look stunning, normally newer stock would hv better shiroji than old stock and i believe this koi is way cheaper than yours, am i rite ? If you dont mind sharing, how much is the damage (here in Jakarta one dealer quoted something like US$750 a piece for 20 - 25 cm maruyama showa !!).

      Good luck w/ your choices as I think I will choose em for my pond too but probably 2 would be sufficient for learing comparison unless you hv more dough and space to spend.



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        Hi Andrew,

        Thanx for letting us know your preference. I do love Showa but the real purpose of buying this lot is to learn about the emergence of sumi, hence 2&4. I was thinking about aquiring 1 and put it in another pond to see if there is a different development as I feel 1&2 are quite similar. I am hoping that there is someone that might advise if this is true.



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          Hi Paulino,

          Showa 3 actually came in to Singapore about 3 months back, whereas 1,2&3 were recent arrivals. I would say that 2&4 were about twice the price of 3.

          I thought 3 was a steal as nobody seems to have noticed it somehow. Again, if this is an experiment in studying sumi, then the pattern at the back is not as important. Having said that, I think it will develop nicely. It is a female by the way.

          I will pm you the price.

          Dough and especially space is a big problem for me



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            hi GC
            nice showas you got there.
            always risky to judge such small koi by their bodies. i'd write off 3 first cause the hi pattern doesn't do anything for me and the head seem rather small. just my feeling but i think the chances of 3 growing big is smaller than the others. i'd keep 4 first, overall i think the quality is better all round. 1 and 2 is a toss up. i like the big head on 1, but 2's pattern wins it for me.
            so imho 4, 2, 1, 3.


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              Hi GC

              IMHO you have already bought the best 2 kois of the lot. I won't touch #1. Between #2 and 4, I prefer #2 in the long term with the beautifully placed shiro esp at the tail joint.

              Good choice and good luck.



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                I can understand your love for showas. It ruled my life for many a year. I had the occassion to visit your breeder's place while in japan and the bodies on all his color varieties were very imptressive and uniform.

                I like the white on your friend's selection.# Four would have been my personal choice. I'm not sure I could recommend acquiring #one.

                please keep this board appraised as to how they are developing. I know our Florida Mike will be keen to follow your grand learning experiment!
                Dick Benbow


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                  Hi Joy,

                  Good to hear from you! Actually 1&2 has the best body among the lot with 2, the best. It is very obvious when I have them side by side. 4 seems to be a popular choice. Let's see how it develops down the road.



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                    Hi Doc,

                    Looks like we have the same taste in Showa Tosai I am pretty excited about 2 myself.



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                      Hi Dick,

                      Always waiting to hear your reply. I am actually looking forward to hear some negatives as well. What do you see in 1 that may be worrisome? Would love to hear more from you.

                      And yes, I will keep track of their progress though it will not be so frequent. I like to leave them undisturbed for as long a period as I could resist bowling.



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                        This is is how I rank them: 4, 1 , 2 , 3...But one question...How were you able to get Maruyama Showas? I have been looking to get one but my dealers tell me he doesn't breedthem anymore....
                        The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                          GC: Gorgeous! You are very fortunate to have two Showa so promising.

                          .....I think I have become fascinated by Showa because they take so long, and change so much. There is such pleasure in anticipating. Enjoy!


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                            Hi Aquitori,

                            The local dealer has a long standing relationship with Maruyama. I believe the Japanese broker must have help alot too. I was shown the selection video captured in Japan.

                            If there is any comfort, the better selection were just a handful.



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                              Hi Mike,

                              After seeing a Maruyama and Momotaro Showa side by side, I believe Maruyama Showa is the sort that will take a long time to fully mature and finish. I am sure it is going to provide much satisfaction for a long time to come.



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