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  • Koi New Year

    This is how my fish will welcome in the New Year. Got 2-3 inches last night with more on the way the next couple days. Glad I made nice new covers.
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    hey Nice pond! like the fence too! I got 2-3 inches outside, but inside with the koi things are toasty warm! sure hope this stuff melts by the fallowing weekend! ( nice covers-let in the light-real important!)
    Dick Benbow


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      Yeah they seem to work pretty well as far as letting light in. Better yet, nothing falls in the pond and the temperature swings are 1 degree or less every 24 hours. That I really like. Raccoon proof also!


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        Man Country

        ONLY 3 measely inches!! :twisted: :twisted: Bring yer fish over to my neck o the woods and see how they do! 12"+-!! :smt010 :smt019 (Dang! Kinda like these litte guys. You know .."one picture equals...") Of course, it's rather hard to ACTUALLY measure the stuff as the *&$%#$^ wind is blowing so hard I can hardly standup. (Gotta go and have another hot toddy.)
        I sure agree with Dick, your cover is a great idea! Real men over here don't have no stinkin' covers! Gets in the way of all the ice. :smt101 (How can you swim with your fish with the cover on?)
        Hunker down my friend. Hunker down.
        Man from the country, Al


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          we havent had that much in the uk, got a bit new year but not as much as you folks, nice covers and top deck be nice sat on there in summer looking over on to koi.

          all the best


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            Hey Al - noticed on the news this a.m. that your area is expected to get 1 - 3 inches of snow from today's winter storm. We already have 7 -8 inches and it's still coming down hard. Might want to keep those guys of yours home and warm - not sure they could make it over here where the toughest of koi live. If you want to condition them I could probably UPS some more snow to ya!
            Yeah Paul I designed the Japanese railing so you can rest your arms on it and look directly down into the pond, seeing the koi from above. The pond itself has a 11 inch wide surface completely around it so one can sit and feed by hand. Worked out pretty well. More red rail to put up this spring on the left of the stairs going down next to the other pond (not shown).


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              Dan! Your generous offer overwhelms me! :twisted: I would take you up on the offer but the &^%%# storm beat you to it! 13 1/2" over the ice on the outside ponds this morning and it's still coming down. ENOUGH ALREADY! Got to go out and dig my air holes back out. Dang! (At least it'll be an excuse for a little hot toddy.) Not seeing my guys for the next 3 months along with my "senior memory" are going to make spring really exciting discovering all the fish I forgot I had. :? :?

              Hey! Your railing around your pond would be a great place for Bonsai!

              Heron from around here would find that ledge quite handy. Wouldn't want to trade a couple big, fat, healthy herons for a couple of fish would ya? :smt003 :smt003


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                Al - wondering when you would discover my message. Having aliitle fun with ya. Wow - you guys are really getting it over there. I lived in eastern Washington (Moses Lake and Ephrata) for alot of years and I know what it can be like when it gets nasty. Keep having those toddys!
                I had to chuckle at your senior comment about discoving all the new fish you have this spring. Thanks for the late morning laugh. I'm retired so can appreciate getting older. You know there are advantages though. Some day we will all be able to hide our own easter eggs and immediately begin to hunt for them without a clue as to where they are.


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                  Easter eggs? Easter eggs? Dang! Finally found 'em! &^%$#%^Y Was looking for a Koromo in da bushes... brrrrrr Al


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