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  • filter question

    What do people think about pressurized filters? Will one do a reasonable job in a 1200 gallon pond? Does anyone have any experience with the Fish Mate 3000?
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    I use them on both a 900 and 1700 gallon pond...They work great... I Spend less than 4 minutes/week on each to clean.

    Check out the Aquabead line at:

    Aloha! Mike


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      I use one on my current puddle of around 1000 gallons.

      Absolutly terrible - It is the worst Koi related thing i have ever bought in terms of value for money.

      I use the fish mate 10,000 pressure filter with a 9w UV and a Fish Mate 7,000 pump. The clarity is shocking i hardly ever see my Koi due to cloudy / green water. I spend far to long on maintenance trying to keep it working correctly and keep my Koi alive (Not always succesful). I would never recommend one to anyone.I feel cheated by the Koi dealer that sold me this item saying it would cope fine.

      I now use a new dealer who is fantastic and has helped me construct my own block built filters on my new pond similar to many of the breeders in Japan. Very basic - settlement - Brushes - Fluidised K1 - Jap Matting.

      See:- for my new build in progress.

      The dealer is Richdon Koi in the UK and i would recommend his site for advice

      I would seriously look into wether you have the room to do something similar with help from a GOOD DEALER.



      "The target is within"


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        welcome to our board.

        Yikes! It sounds as if you found a nerve or a "hot button"!

        I commend you for asking first. most just plunge in, make numerous mistakes and then watch their koi and dreams die! It's a tough way to learn.

        keeping koi sounds like an easy thing on the surface but it does have some pretty strict rules. I hope you have a club or place where you can get some first hand show and tell from sucessful keepers.

        so many times I see people ask questions and get honest answers totally divergent from each other and correct to each situation. Location of your pond and amount of direct sunlight can adversely affect things. City water or well brings it's own set of consideration. Stocking levels etc.

        when it comes to filtartion a little overkill is not a bad thing. I'm not a fan of pressurized units as bio filters but think their great for mechanical as long as you backwash often.

        This is a pretty knowledgeable group here so i hope you'll ask lots of questions! One of the reasons we all got so smart is we read Koi-Bito magazine! ( unabashed plug to subsribe )
        Dick Benbow


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          Point of Clarification


          After reading Greg's post I thought I needed to add this point of clarification:

          When I said I used them on both our ponds, I meant pressurized filters, not the pond fish mate system you and Greg mentioned...Specifically I use an Aquadyne filter on one pond and an Aquabead filter on the other...Both work well...Opted for an Aquabead filter for the newer, bigger pond because it offered a few more user friendly options and was less expensive...

          As Dick mentioned, different environments will dictate different results...Our ponds are outdoors in year round temperatures between 74-90 degrees...The filters feed bakki showers containing 2 kilos of Bacteria House Media on the 900 gallon pond and 3 kilos for the 1700 gallon one. The showers are used as the main biofilters with secondary roles of degassing and cooling the pond water.

          Fish loads are: 6 koi in the 20+" range in the 900 gal. pond and 8 koi, ranging from 10" to 21" in the 1700 gallon pond...Based on past experience, expect all the koi to be in the 20+" range by the end of the year...

          Aloha! Mike


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