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  • Louisville Koi Show Results

    There was wonderful weather for the Louisville Koi Show this past weekend. Lots of publicity prior to the show in the local media must have made many people interested in attending. There were the largest crowds I have seen during the 3 years I have attended the show.

    The Grand Champion was a wonderful Showa brought by Bryan & Bay Bateman from Chicago. Their Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri took Reserve Grand Champion and the Batemans had a kohaku that took Best Mature. Quite a sweep for the Batemans.

    There were 90 koi entered in the show.

    Here are the complete Louisville Koi Show results:

    Grand Champion "A" ---------- Showa - Bryan & Bay Bateman
    Grand Champion "B" ---------- Gin Rin Chagoi – Charles & Carolyn Phelps
    Reserve Grand Champion ---------- Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri – Bryan & Bay Bateman
    Junior Grand Champion ---------- Kohaku – Dale & Kathleen Torok
    Baby Champion ------------------ Kohaku - Suzie Coleman
    Best male ----------------------- Showa – Troy Head
    Best Mature ----------------------- Kohaku – Bryan and Bay Bateman
    Show Chairman’s Award ---------- Ochiba Shigure – Dale & Kathleen Torok
    President’s Award -------------- Showa – Kevin & Sheila Karstens
    AKCA Award ------------------ Gin Rin Shiro Utsuri – Bryan & Bay Bateman
    Judges Award ------------------ Kohaku – Mike Pfeffer
    Novice Award ------------------ Goshiki – Dale & Kathleen Torok

    Best in Variety Awards

    Kohaku --------------- Steve Childers
    Sanke --------------- Bryan & Bay Bateman
    Showa --------------- Charles & Carolyn Phelps
    Utsuri --------------- Charles & Carolyn Phelps
    Tancho --------------- Troy Head/Kohaku
    Bekko --------------- Troy Head
    Asagi/Shusui --------------- Dale & Kathleen Torok/Asagi
    Koromo/Goshiki --------------- Dale & Kathleen Torok/Goshiki
    Kawarigoi --------------- Jim Baumgart/Ochiba Shigure
    Hikari Muji --------------- Dale & Kathleen Torok/Yamabuki Ogon
    Hikari Moyo --------------- Suzie Coleman
    Gin Rin "A" --------------- Jim Baumgart
    Longfin/Butterfly --------------- Tom Gladney

    Best In Size

    Size 1 --------------- Joe White – Sanke
    Size 2 --------------- Kevin & Sheila Karstens – Showa
    Size 3 --------------- Troy Head – Sanke
    Size 4 --------------- Charles & Carolyn Phelps – Shiro Utsuri
    Size 5 --------------- Mike Pfeffer – Kohaku
    Size 6 --------------- Dale & Kathleen Torok - Sanke

    Friendship Awards From Other Koi Clubs

    Northern Midwest ZNA ---------------------- Dale & Kathleen Torok – Goshiki
    ZNA Southern Koi Association ---------------------- Troy Head – Koromo/Goshiki
    Florida East Coast Koi & WG Society ------------- Tim Cash – Gin Rin Sanke
    Atlanta Koi Club ------------------------------------- Dale & Kathleen Torok – Ochiba Shigure
    Tropical Koi Club --------------------------------- Tom Gladney – Gin Rin “B”
    Texas Koi & Goldfish Society ------------------- Jim Baumgart – Doitsu Ochiba Shigure
    Mid-Atlantic Koi Club ------------------------------- Bryan & Bay Bateman – Sanke
    Piedmont Koi & Water Garden Society ---------------- Suzie Coleman – Hikari Moyo
    Midwest Koi & Goldfish Club ------------------- John McChutchen - Kawarigoi

    Hee are some pictures of the Showa that won Grand Champion
    Last edited by Dale Torok; 05-30-2005, 01:36 PM. Reason: error in awards listed
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    For Dick Benbow - A Blue Fish!!!

    Hey Dick!!!!

    Here's the fish that won Best In Variety for Shusui/Asagi

    Remember this one???

    The picture is just for you.



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      Nice GC Showa, how big is it? and who is the breeder?
      The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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        Wonderful Showa .... and congrats to you Dale on your winners, too!

        And thanks for posting.


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          Way to go Dale!!!!!!!!!


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            Originally posted by Griff
            Way to go Dale!!!!!!!!!
            Thank you Griff. It's always fun when you get to bring something home!

            I was especially excited to think that my goshiki was so well liked by the judges that it won best in variety and was also selected as the favorite fish by a couple visiting koi clubs for a friendship award. It is my wife's favorite fish.

            This one was purchased for me by a friend during a trip to Japan in October, 2003. It shipped home in November, 2003 and looked much different than it does now.

            Here is how it looked in 2003 and two pictures taken at the show.

            Goshiki are fun to watch develop.



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              Nice Goshiki, I give you props for raising a fine fish to where it is now. It's hard to due now a days....I wish you continual success...
              The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                Dale thank you for posting the results and pictures for all of us to enjoy!

                Congratulations on the marvelous results your pond managed to muster.

                your asagi is superb!

                Congratulations to your club and show team!
                Dick Benbow


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                  Congrats to all the winners! Sounds like a great show with quality koi..

                  It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                    I keep sneaking back to look at the photo of the asagi! Sheeish that's a nice feeesh! Sure hope the new KB auction will provide ones like that!
                    Dick Benbow


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                      The goshiki really did darken very quickly! Do you have hard water?

                      Thai Koi-Keepers' Group


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                        Originally posted by dick benbow
                        I keep sneaking back to look at the photo of the asagi! Sheeish that's a nice feeesh! Sure hope the new KB auction will provide ones like that!
                        Hi Dick,

                        Thank you very much. I KNEW you would like that picture and that fish!!!

                        My little kohaku took Junior Grand Champion. It is in the picture with the asagi I posted earlier.

                        Here are some additional pictures of the Junior Grand Champion from the Louisville Show. Lots and lots of hi, more hi than you would normally want, which compromises pattern on the fish, but the judges kept coming back and back to this fish during the decision making process again and again. There was a lot of competion in this size entered that contended for JGC. The judges told me on Sunday that the quality of the hi and the white and the body of this 16" or 17" kohaku is what swayed their decision. Their opinion is that this fish has a great future.

                        What do the rest of you think of this koahku & its future?


                        Thank you,


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                          Dale, who is the breeder of the Kohak?
                          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                            Originally posted by aquitori
                            Dale, who is the breeder of the Kohaku?
                            This kohaku was purchased from the breeder Yagenji in October, 2004.



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                              GC Showa

                              The GC Showa is an Isa. I'm not sure how long she it.



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