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koi purchases,gifts or lucky wins?

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  • koi purchases,gifts or lucky wins?

    My Buddy Mark from the UK and I were discussing how we see others adding new koi to their collection. Atleast the stories that get passed around the households.

    Some have koi that just get slipped in to the home unannounced. others are introduced as having "been won" from the club in a drawing.

    Thought it might be a fun topic to discover how others perceive the situation and deal with it!

    Ladies and gentlemen......start your stories! (LOL)

    Around my house I'm always talking about asagi that I'm on the lookout for
    but atlas everything seems to always fall through, so inadvertenly i think i have
    created a situation like the little boy who cried wolf. Eventually no body believed him! ( so griff, we are gonna turn this thing around!)
    Dick Benbow
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    Oh what a tangled web we weave .....

    So Dick, I'd thought I'd start the ball rolling with a couple of the tales I shared with you :

    1. My Koi kichi pal Peter has a theory that in the UK more Koi have been “won” in club raffles than have ever been bought from Koi dealers!

    2. A Koi keeping friend of mine used to only bring home new Koi at night, and waited until his wife had gone to bed and then released them into the pond. He got away with that for quite a while until one club member who had seen him buy a new Koi at a recent club visit to a local dealer enquired of his wife as to how the new Sanke was settling in …….”What new Sanke !?” came the repost from his wife. (Ooops !)

    3. Another Koi Kichi I knew (who often dealt with cash in his business) used to regularly “salt away” a little cash in a shoe box that was hidden away in the house… he called it his “Koi fund”. He never told his wife about this shoe box nor the real cost of any Koi that he bought as he feared her wrath…it was amazing how many GCs he had in his pond that only cost £100 !. That was all fine, until one day whilst his wife was Spring cleaning, she discovered the shoe box with thousands of pounds in it !...boy, was he in trouble !
    Best regards, Mark


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      Hi Dick,

      Any new koi added will be announce to a few koikichi friends and invite them over for afternoon tea. Price of the koi is always kept a secret from my wife till today. I always told her it only cost $200/- or $300/- but will later 'show-off' to my invited friend that it actually cost 20X or more. She still doesn't know that the price I quote my koikichi friends are real. This way I feel a lot easier when I discuss with my friends without fearing that she'll eardrop on me.
      I even have a secret credit card that I use to purchase my koi. It invisible to her of course.



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        I tend to stray toward senario #3. While it isn't as extreme as Mark's buddy I do tend to "subsidize" the price of anything new I purchace. Lucky thing for me I don't do very many new fish
        The afore mentioned Cash Business Dealings are managed by giving my spouse a "cut" of the profits. If I squirel mine away for koi then she has no right to groan, right?

        Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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          I just tell my dad I get my fish from hobbyist who quit the hobby . But, he knows the real story...and he doesn't bother askin anymore.
          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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            this is a funny thread.
            amazed to know that this problem is more common that i'd imagined. i have a friend, a new hobbyists, who before his pond has been completed has already went on a shopping spree of nearly $20,000 on tosai koi. wife thinks it's 10% of that, and she's already complaining very hard about it. if only she knew...

            not just that, he also made me an accomplice to a little white lie he told about a US$3,000 nisai kohaku he bought. the guy made me say it's a gift from me. his wife must think i'm such a good friend. the other day i decided to pull his leg, in front of his wife i told him i was having second thoughts about "gifting" him that fish, and if he didn't mind could i exchange it for another one from my pond (a male). when he said "no" (a bit too fast) i looked at his wife and complained to her how can someone actually point out which fish he is to be gifted, it should be up to the giver. she kinda agreed with me. i didn't push it but it was nice to see the fella squirm for a bit. haha.

            i read a story in some magazine that a guy has an arrangement with his dealer that whenever he brings his wife along with him, the dealer is to quote the price at 10% of the actual number. all went well until one day during a shopping trip the wife started chatting to another customer who was at the premises when they were there. this guy was admiring the fish but didn't think he could afford them, until the man's wife disclosed that they really weren't that expensive and proceeded to give him their special price. needless to say the guy couldn't believe his ears, was ready to probably splurge on the whole lot, and i forgot how it ended but safe to presume a lot of explanation had to be made all round. haha.

            personally, i'm lucky to have a wife who also loves koi, and already did even before we got married. the first time i went to her home was actually to look at her Dad's koi! anyway, it would've been pointless to lie about the prices of my koi as she does know the things don't come cheap. sometimes she even offers to buy a koi i like for me, when i feel it's a bit over budget. (yeah, i'm not making this up, seriously!). the one issue we have over koi is that she won't allow me to dig up the back garden for a bigger pond. well, i guess nobody's perfect...


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              Dick--don't tell me your Asagi fell through!

              There are many people very eager to know what I pay for a given koi. I resort to evasion and subterfuge. "I got a great deal on her in a koi auction" and "you wouldn't BELIEVE what some people pay for their koi" --as if I were not one of them!!


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                My husband and I have fish we buy as a team, and fish we buy separately, but we always know what each other's fish cost. As long as we each have the money in our own accounts and the bills are getting paid, we don't say much. We are pretty good at sticking to our "limits" as to what we'll pay. It helps having both people involved in the same hobby so you don't have to remember what story you told to what person. Our most expensive fish is, of all things, a large ginrin ochiba - I wouldn't have paid what he paid, but it was his money from an "attaboy" at work and she captured his imagination... what can you say?


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                  My wife had spent the most on a fish up until this spring when I bought one for $450.

                  The most valuable fish in my pond was a gift. Seriously. I hesistate to guess what the fish must have cost the previous owner but I am happy that it seems happy in its new home (not that it was unhappy in its previous home, I'm sure).

                  But I do like the following joke:
                  * I hope my wife doesn't find out how much these fish really cost before I die.
                  * But I fear she'll sell them for what I told her they cost.


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                    Dick, as you know I actually won one in a judging contest on another board. A very nice Oomo female showa. Was 11 1/2 inches when I got 18 inches and getting better all the time. Didn't have to lie about this one....not that I lie about any of them.


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                      This is a great thread all! I've enjoyed all of your inputs ( so far)

                      Thanks Mark for giving me the idea and starting it off!

                      You know i may learn some new wringles so keep it up. maybe chicken little was wrong...the sky isn't falling ( just 10% of it!) LOL!!
                      Dick Benbow


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                        Very interesting thread, Dick. Thanks for getting it started. I think you still owe the rest of us a story, though!!! I'm sure you have one.

                        My wife has absolutely no idea what any of the koi cost that are in our pond. She has purchased only one koi.... a small koi she bought for me 5 years ago when the pond was first completed. She SPLURGED on one that was recommended to her for $65.00. She had to really suck it up to fork that over. I've bought all of the koi we have since then. The $65.00 gift koi was gifted to a friend who built a new pond a year later.

                        We have an interesting arrangement about things we buy that we don't want the other to know the cost. Like most women, my wife likes shoes. Some of her purchases can be very expensive. One time many, many years ago she returned from a shopping trip to a favorite ladies shoe store in Cincinnati with 3 pair of new shoes. I knew the brands and knew they were expensive. When I asked her how much they cost she got all excited (over the top kind of 'fake' excited) and told me they had a sale and she was able to get them for ten dollars a pair. All three pair for $30.00!! Wasn't I proud of her? Of course, her sister, who had gone shopping with her, backed her up. That was all I was able to get out of her.

                        A few weeks later I bought a large hammer coral for my saltwater reef tank. It was to be the center piece of the 175 gallon reef tank. It was pretty damn expensive. When I brought it home and put it in the tank, of course she asked me what it cost. My response was the best impersonation I could do of her shoe story. I explained that I had bought this huge, beautiful green live coral for ten dollars!!! She couldn't pry anthing else out of me, just like I couldn't her a few weeks earlier. Turnabout was fair play!

                        Since those two incidents, nearly 20 years have passed. We have had what we call the 'ten dollar agreement' on divulging price information to each other ever since. Whenever either of us buy something that we prefer to keep the price confidential, it always cost 'ten dollars'.

                        She started it and has lived with it ever since.

                        Consequently, every single one of the 21 koi in our pond cost $10.00 with no digging for any other information.

                        I'm STILL trying to figure out how last winter my wife bought a beautiful waist length mink coat that is reversible with leather that can be worn as either a mink coat or a leather coat with mink lining for ten dollars!!!! It's georgeous AND she got one hell of a deal, don't you think???



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                          Dale...funny story...thanks!


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                            Koi before anything else....

                            You know what's funny too.....I dont know if it's just me but the other month when I needed new tires for my car I was like $240 was expensive for a set of 4, which is a deal in reality and what did I do. I spent $250 on a bunch of tosai instead of buying tires. I still need tires and I still think $240 is expensive...I am truely koikichi or retarded...
                            The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                              Originally posted by aquitori
                              You know what's funny too.....I dont know if it's just me but the other month when I needed new tires for my car I was like $240 was expensive for a set of 4, which is a deal in reality and what did I do. I spent $250 on a bunch of tosai instead of buying tires. I still need tires and I still think $240 is expensive...I am truely koikichi or retarded...
                              RU sure tires or some 20" spoked AMG rims???? Or Both for your ride.. LOL
                              It's a living creature (chit happens)


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