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  • Maruyama Showa and Kohaku

    Hi, like to invite comments on my new new purchase. 24cm kohaku and 30 cm Showa from Maruyama. The showa is an off-spring of the Japan DC. Both should be 11 months. Hope to hear from expert here. Note that the showa has sashi on 2 scales for all hi plate. Is it true that for a young koi, sashi is not avoidable?
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    I'm worried about the sumi on the showa, but it is still young and comes from good stock so it might work out. Lovely shiroji though.

    The kiwa on the kohaku isn't as tight as I'd want it but the sashi is just fine, IMHO.

    That's my inexpert opinion. Any real experts want to take a shot at this?


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      I like the kohaku and love the showa!
      keep in mind that most girl showas take 7-8 years to finish anyway from a black standpoint (3-4 with males) So the beni ( 2 scale sashi) has time to catch up from a beni stand point. Looks like you have quite a bit of black coming! i have seen tosai with perfect sashi and there wasn't enough money in the world for me to make the purchase! (lol)

      I think since you've made the purchase just sit back and watch what happens and learn!
      Dick Benbow


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        I Like Both koi, but the Showa is the one. Hard to find much wrong with it. No Tail stop (odome) is all I can come up with from the picture, while the positives are numerous. The sashi is actually good at this stage, while the Kohaku does not seem to have much. Based on beni alone, the kohaku will be show ready years b4 the Showa. Probably the only time to show it is this next year. I like it's Shiro and Beni, but it is of the harder type? Pattern wish is for it to come down more between the eyes.

        Hope that helped.
        Best regards,

        Bob Winkler

        My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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          Showa: Looks kinda heavy in the front or goin to be...I like a bit more white. To me the Showa might be unbalanced because of the sumi.

          Kohak: I like this one more. I like the dept of hi, Dick is right with the sashi but I could live with it maruzome kiwa is nice too.

          Nice pickups, you'll get alot of learning from these tosais..Keep us up to date with the development.
          The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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            Maruyama again?!

            Hi, how are Maruyama Showa, Kohaku priced there?
            Showa: Beautiful scales on shoulder! But less pleasing snout!

            Bound to have great changes on Showa! Good watch.
            Kohaku: Very conventional Kohaku, but lack hiban depth.
            Let it grow. We shall see.

            Is there a mass production of Maruyama stock?
            What a new wave of frenzy lately!


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              BabyKoi: That's what happens when a breeder's fish win in Tokyo in January. Everyone suddenly rediscovers what has been around all along ... actually, not the same parentage usually, but marketing and gene pools often do not connect.


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                I agree with Tony on the Kohaku, it looks like its going to be a winner. The Showa has a whole lotta potential, nice picks.
                " Da Best" Chapter


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                  Thanks for the comments put up. Need to take good care of them and update all 3 months later.

                  This showa is from the previous stock before the Japan show. The new stock costs much higher and better although they are from the same parents.



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                    Maruyama again.

                    For wtansk:
                    What size are these 2 new catch? Have you measured them up?
                    Do take good care of them and update whenever possible.
                    Said Showa was previous-stock left over, even before Maruyama went famous. Shish!

                    Must say a nice piece! What price then? What amount in US$ for that finerling?
                    Some other contributors from another country had forked US$500 for similar fishy, affordable!
                    So do such a stock go? What sort of price was slapped on to?
                    Definitely new, unscreened stock must cost more, better yet when unselected!
                    If imported ones you almost can never be sure are of same parentage, whatever assurance the seller offer. Period.
                    Happy for your sharing. God bless. Madison BK.


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                      Babykoi : I still need to learn on how to differentiate a koi from which breeders and which bloodlines. So I trust the seller. But once I know he is not honest, I will not turn up at his place again.

                      I paid US200 for the showa and slightly less for the kohaku. Showa is 30cm while the kohaku is only 24cm. I had a chance to see kois from the same batch and they are easily over 40cm now. Hope they can catch up with more feeding and better food now.



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                        Showa sashi signifies scale-colored strength!

                        For wtansk:
                        Showa with sashi on 2 scales for both hi plate, the key feature.
                        It is true. Very prefect for a tosai. Indicator of colour strength.
                        Sashi indicates strong hi pattern area, less a detractor!
                        Snout area has rising sumi from skull, will improve later.
                        Perfect vignette effect on pesudo-sumi, remarkably impressive!
                        Very special scalation. Seldom expressed with this pattern!
                        A 24cm Showa at US200, a steal. Was bargained or fixed price?
                        Kohaku may have last 2 steps merging to form a nidan.
                        You claimed you saw same batch had larger kois.
                        No worry. I had 5 differing sized kois of same parentage.
                        After a month purchase, smallest-sized overshot longest koi. Smallest overtook with best form.
                        Come as no surprise, with more feed of better nutrition, you have it, bigger, better!
                        Wish your new purchases luck on growth and development!
                        Maybe you could initiate a thread for inviting investigation of breeder and bloodlines!
                        Well, as for that we all can be enlightened as we interact. Madison, BK.
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                          These Maruyama Showa seem pretty hard to find in the states. Kohaku are more readily available...

                          I might have to pay both ways when or if I go to Maruyama this fall.

                          Consider yourself lucky with both koi very nice...

                          It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                            Supply and demand, kind of fun what winning Grand Champion does for your that Maruyama has won GC with a Showa will he increase his production?
                            The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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