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kin showa please comment

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  • kin showa please comment

    pls critique ... no holds barred!

    i wont learn if you hold back the insults.
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    I agree with that statement, most people just like to be nice and say good things about your koi. Me for one will tell it like it is, and that is what others should do when it comes to koi, how are we to learn what is good and what is bad if we hold back Only thing here is I dont know enough about this type to comment


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      Hi Aragorn,

      It looks like a Kin Showa to me.
      The only problem with other peoples opinion is that if you like the koi you should buy it.
      Why keep a pond full of koi that other people think is good.
      If you like it buy it I would.
      Jaco Vorster
      South Africa


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        Yeah it is Kin Showa, Domestic breed? Well anyways, here it goes. When choosing any fish of Hikari we have to pick one that has good luster. With this in mind I think the luster is there. The conformation is good so I have no problems with it. Pattern I do have a problem with it...Me I like any of my "Showa" picks to be more on the Kindai side. The strongest point on the Kin Showa are the perfect motoguro. Either way as long as you are happy with it, that's all that matters.
        The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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          Not a neat Hariwake

          To Aragorn: Kin Showa of Hikariwake variety must have good reflective scales, stretching form back of eyes till tail, in a neat arrangement to demonstrate a strong sense of uniformity.

          Aragon this piece has inferior scaling. It failed to give a clean evenness in look; off balance with white-off area after pectorals. A clear mono-colored head is desired for homogenity; this is heavily messy. Pectorals ought not to have any color. Though motogoro is desired on some variteies, better yet Hikariwake must have clear body color fins for a body color match. My opinion is very honest. Every koi chosen, hoever plain, offer different taste. Honest opinions may not always appeal. Many beg to differ. I come clean. Better selection next round. A choice made is done. Love thy koi. You loved it and must continue to foster good care. God Bless. Madison, BK.


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            just my 2 cents.
            pattern is a matter of personal taste, so i won't dwell on that too much, only to say the sumi is a bit boring for me cause it just covers 2/3 of the koi without any break or pattern. it makes the koi a bit too one-dimensional for my taste.
            i'd suggest try to look for a koi with less pointed head. this one has a pointed head and it makes its eyes seem too near each other. the hi is also a bit weak around the shoulder.

            i hope you have good sunlight falling on your pond as i was told metallic koi need plenty of sunlight to really bring out their shine.


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              Honestly, I just plain do not like Kin Showa. The metallic quality weakens all the points that make Showa so dramatic. The Sumi is virtually never as strong as one would like. The Hi becomes too orange. And, it seems to me that they do not hold the high metallic shine as well as some varieties, say a doitsu Hariwake. But, then, I do not much care for Kujaku either. ....... I dislike this one less than most, but still would not want it.

              So, there's a nothing held back view.


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                I have seen 2 good ones in the flesh and Mike, you'd have liked them both.

                The key here is what has already been mentioned and that's the sheen. never purchase one by photo and always take them outside in the natural light to look for the sheen.

                because i don't see that many I don't know if this Gin Shiro trick works with gin showa but worth mentioning to all students. Put the koi in a blue tub and monitor so it doesn't jump out for 5 mins. If the black does not fade to grey you have a good one. if it does and you still like the koi realize that in a show tank
                it will not show as well in your pond.
                Dick Benbow


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                  thanks and keep them coming ...

                  more info:

                  this was a japan import (bought last year)

                  i was a dummy then (didnt know how to pick my kois) so i asked the seller to give me a kujaku -> this kin showa was what he gave me.

                  i dont really like it, but he's there to put variety into the pond. he's also my ONLY showa


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                    Gotta agree with the rest. The sheen or luster of the koi is most important. I have see 1 good one in Japan at Marusho and one I kinda liked here in the states. I like a little more white on mine as well. The white to me is important cause then you get the quality of the sheen. Then of course its a mettalic showa so to me its gotta look like a showa I would want excpet in mettailc form.. Just some thoughts...

                    It's a living creature (chit happens)


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