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Sinking vs. Floating?

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  • Sinking vs. Floating?

    Just wanted your opinions on sinking pellets?
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    Giving floating feed to a fish with its mouth on the bottom seems almost crule. However, its important to get them to come up to feed for our enjoyment and to be able to inspect them more closely for potential problems.

    I do not even know if they make sinking koi feed - probably so. There will certainly be more selection to choose from when shopping for a floating koi feed. With other species, sinking feed can be a lot less expensive because the pressed-pellet manufacturing process for sinking feed is much simpler than the extrusion process for floating feed. The heat in the extruder barrel causes vaporization of water and expansion of the mash as it exits the extruder die. The air trapped in the pellet is what makes it float. You can also make a sinking pellet with an extruder by modifying the temperature and other parameters.

    -steve hopkins


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      I feed both. Sometimes at the same time as a mix, but usually separately. Some koi that are slow to eat floating pellets are gluttons when eating off the bottom. Some seem to prefer catching the sinking pellets as they fall through the water. Others seem to prefer the floating pellets .... and some seem to prefer whichever type is attracting the least number of other fish at the moment. The efficiency of skimmers becomes an issue when feeding floating pellets.


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        If I give sinking feed (usually paste) the fish snap it up quite quickly but become ever more reluctant to take floating feed as this goes on. Since I switched to Momotaro white feed the fish are eating much better. all I need now is for the weather to warm up (quite) a bit so they will feed better. If you compare the appetite of the fish in the heated Q-tank and those in the pond the difference is impressive!

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          I feed both also... seeing the same behavior that Mike noticed....
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          Bob Winkler

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            I feed both as well. The thing I like about sinking is. I can target feed the koi I am trying to get bigger. It seems easier for the big girls to eat sinking..

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              I use floating pellets all the time. Once I tried 'Lovestar' sinking pellets as one or two koi seemed afraid to go up the surface. But I found that the majority looked uncomfortable and avoided the pellets. So I am back to floating again since that time.


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