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  • Omosako Shiro

    Guys, what do you think of this shiro. It is still tosai and 40cm likely female. Sumi at the back is more developed than the front espc the head. What about the strip of sumi near dorsal fin ? Do you think it is a good buy or not and why ?
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    Omosako Shiro

    It has very good sumi and nice body conformation. A strip
    of sumi near dorsal fin is just a minor point, it should
    be OK.

    My concern is that it has yellow head - I bought a
    tosai Shrio Utsuri from Omosako couple years back
    with has yellow head too and it never clear it up.
    Also, when I look at any Shiro Utsuri, the first thing
    I want to see is the shiro, I meant snow white shiro.
    Seems like it does not have good shiro to me. Perhaps,
    the picture does not do any justice for it.

    Please note that it is my taste for loving Utsuri with
    have good white from head to tail. People normally think
    yellow head is OK for Shiro Utsuri. My Omosako Utsuri
    has more yellow head than that one, but it won the
    Second Shiro Class Champion at 2003 All Japan Young Koi Show.



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      Depending on price....I would definitely take a chance on it. Have a Nagashima shiro that had a yellowish head...never though it would whiten...but this spring, yellow white...body white which was always good has also thickened and improved. I really like the body shape and the pattern as I can visualize it in the future....will be a very nice shiro. Worth the journey in my opinion.


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        Thanks Dinh, I also noticed that the peers of this shiro in the dealer pond of similar size have yellowish tinge shiroji espc the head. While there are 50cm plus specimens with whiter shiroji. Is this normal occurence? My concern is same as yours that shiroji stays this way it will ruin a shiro. Hopefully I will hv a chance to watch its development in the future. With regards to sumi, so much uncertainity is involved in the head area eventho there are shadow of sumi in several of the head areas.

        Actually there is another shiro that i m considering but the sumi are all kage, did not want too much on stake for the sumi gamble. But one expert told me that this kind of sumi is the best for the future, slowly will emerge into a beautiful one. Sorry i dont hv the picture ..


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          Paulino: I can only share what I've read and been told. I've no personal experience with Omosako Shiro Utsuri. His fish are reputed to suffer greatly with yellow tint, but it gradually fades, sometimes taking years. His best tosai are said to be the ones with the most yellow staining and the least Sumi showing ... truly ugly little things that no self-respecting koikeeper would want, except those who know the line pay a premium to get the ugly things. At the end of the process is a clean white. I've not seen one of his fish as yellow all over as your photo shows at that size, except photos taken right after harvest from a mud pond. Many of his fish are yellowish at harvest. I've heard that one person or another had one of his fish and "the yellow never cleared up". But, I am not sure how long they kept the fish. Since I've been told that some of the best have taken 4 or more years to become truly white, it may be people lost patience. That is a fine looking fish. The only question in my mind is the yellow, not only on the head, but all the fins and body, too. I think you will be very pleased with the Sumi. Hope you get responses from those with personal experience.


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            Paulino girl's Omosako Shiro Utsurimono

            To Paulino88:
            Omosako's Shiro Utsuri suffering yellow tint is much a norm in tosai, nisai, sansai; paricularly head region.
            Shiro Utsuri are charcteristically almost always have sumi on head and all fins.
            On whether a good buy, the money you forked out speak for it. No question.
            For a tosai (unlikely the case if coming from Japan), its sumi is quite there, more to surface.
            It has core requisites of pectroal fins motogoro and sumi surfacing off skull.
            A hachiware / menware will split eyes in-between. Good body frame and conformation.
            Young Shiro Utsuri yellow head mainly result of thin skin at young age.
            Into sansai, a skin-thickened Shiro will take on a clean snowy white look. Not really clear up.
            Look at yours, easily stressed pinkish white. Still young, much yellowish.
            Wait 2 more years then. White will finish off lacquered.
            Blueish sashi with sharp kiwa on sumi, great!
            Sumi patterns balanced limited on sides of dorsal fins only.
            Behind eyes to dorsal fins, expect lack thereof, just large emptiness.
            That will showcase this Shiro shiroji is all turn correct.

            But your Shiro has thick broad shoulders pointing to a jumbo future.
            How much? What price does this Shiro come at from your country?

            A self imported koi direct? Or through some koi agent representatives?
            Give me an indicator in US$ and that will tell why such an amount.
            This good catch is a future good fetch! Wise choice.
            Paulino girl, a year on, please update everyone on your Shiro.
            Dan will be just as pleased to see this development. Madison, BK.


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              I have heard and seen what MikeM spoke of. After purchasing my Omosako shiro, I was shown a picture of what she looked like as a tosai. Butt Ugly!!! Yellow head and very little sumi. I would have never picked her as tosai. Here she is now.

              Orlando, FL


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                Never had a Omosako Shiro, but here is my opinion....The tint on the head is consistant with the body which tells me it will clear up, but nothing never sure in this hobby. The only negative point I have is the head, the nose needs to be a bit more wider. Shot if this Shiro evens comes close to the same quality as HenryC's Shiro I would say you got a good deal. Enjoy and learn for this purchase.
                The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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                  People tell me that the yellow tint is the actuall skull of the koi, so when the koi grows it fades away


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                    Callum: That can be true on very young fish. If you study them you will see a difference between koi with yellowish heads and those very young koi with such thin "baby skin" that you are looking at the skull bones altering your perception of color. But, unfortunately, most of the time a yellowish head on a two year old is going to stay yellowish... knowing how to tell the exceptions is a mark of an expert! Omosako Shiro Utsuri are different .... known for yellow cast at young ages in particular.


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                      Agree with MikeM, yellow head hard to bring back but if yellow head and yellow body much easier to bring back in my experience. But also liek mike says age and time is not on your side. I had a tosai that was Omosako and very white. A few months in having it it turned yellow. Well after about 6 months went back to white. But this is Tosai I was dealing with..

                      It's a living creature (chit happens)


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                        Thanks all of you for your inputs and comments ..

                        Dan, same here hopefully it is worth a journey and more importantly it will clear up.

                        MikeM, I will take this as a long term project (2+) years with great anticipation meanwhile continuing honing my water management skill. From what i heard is the same: best tosai does look like ugly duckling and i saw them personally. I guess patience/luck or if you hv extra cash older fish is the key. Btw, there is one tosai that i m considering against, its pattern almost all shiroji wt little kage sumi here and there - same price but no body pick it up so far. I guess i dont hv enough gut to suck it all up (e.g. gamble w/ sumi, shiroji, sex, body shape, etc.) I will try post the pic of this ugly duckling.

                        Henry C, i couldnt pass on thinking about resemblence in pattern (espc the back half) between my tosai and your magnificent shiro. am i hallucinating ? When did you buy it ? At what age ?

                        Aq, You r right on target, the body has yellowish tinge too not just the head hence i m hoping both body and head will hv chance to clear up.

                        BabyKoi, I m kind of relieved to hear from you that yellowish tinge is normal for this kind because i was told abt the same from some experts here. So ones with more sumi on surface are often let go for foreign market you said, pls check tis article cause it contradict this statement (i m confused too, so more finsihed one also hv a chance then?) I purchased through local dealer and pricewise is a bargain since this orginal shipment arrived 2 to 3 months ago hence dealer give discounted price, will pm you later on this.

                        Keo, same here - hopefully both head and body will clear up altogether.

                        Thanks again guys, i really appreciate your insights


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