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Updated Yagenjii Shiro Utsuri photos

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  • Updated Yagenjii Shiro Utsuri photos

    My earthquake shiro utsuri (I call her "Quake") which I bought from a photo from Japan just hours before the big one hit. Wasn't sure she was going to make it out, but she did.
    First two photos taken when she arrived in November. Next three photos taken today. Lot of sumi coming up on the face with more to come. Looks as if there a nice menware just under the surface. Close up of her side and head to see the white ground and sumi as well. She is 18 inches...breeder Yagenjii
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    Updated Yagenjii Shiro Utsuri photos

    Dan, Quake has nice body conformation - excellent sumi as well as shiro.
    Seems like you know how to take good care of her. Also, I see a small red
    spot in her tail join (odome) area or just from the photos?



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      What a nice large head. ....Time to feed her more!

      Looking good.


      • #4 not the photo...actually is a small faded spot about one scale in size. Fairly confident it will completely fade away. Have seen several nice Yagenjii shiro's over the years with similar faded spots...some on head....all have completely disappeared. Didn't bother me when I decided to purchase her...wait and see I guess. Liked everything else about her.


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          Didn't even notice the hugh block of sumi that came up on her right side till I looked at photos again. Guess I was looking at the head too much. More sumi in the fins also. First photo Nov. 04...second photo today.
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            'Quake' is a sheer beauty!

            To Dan Blatt:
            You have a good collection of Shiro Utsurimono!
            From my recollection you have been actively sharing Shiros, thanks!
            This is sure another impressive piece.
            Great name, augurs well that she made it - she's a SURVIVOR!
            Excellent shiroji white ground with strong contrast of lacquered sumi.
            Share with me your secrets to improvement of both shiro and sumi coloration.
            Shiro Utsurimonos are my an all-time hot favorites!
            She has been progressing well. Conformation is impressive.
            Her body color takes on the contrast of a killer whale!
            So Dan, how many Shiros are under your care?
            Care to share a picture depicting a collection of them?
            I am with keen eyes wide open. God bless. Madison, BK.


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              dan you knew she woudl be a stunner... Good job on keeping her so clean...

              It's a living creature (chit happens)


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