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filter shock from salt treatment

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  • filter shock from salt treatment

    Anyone have any experience with the recovery time for biological filter media after salting at 3 lb per 100 gallons in one shot instead of over three days. I made the mistake of salting all at once , and have experienced a spike in amonnia, as well as nitrite. I wont do that again! Its been several days and still spiked.

    Joh Stevens
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    Your dosage is only 0.35% salt. A mature filter should take that without a hickup. I would be a different story with a very young filter, just starting up.

    Moving media like K-1 would be affected hardest as the bio-film is kept thin and more exposed to the "elements". Same for frequently backwashed bead filters.

    If your filter is J-mat or similar and older than a year, I would look elsewhere for the cause of the ammonia spikes.

    Ammonia spikes may also be caused by the addition of koi into the pond. It takes a little while for the filter to adjust to the new load. This is why I always recommend that when adding koi to a pond the same quantity of food as before the addition should be used for at least one week (no more food because of new fish)!. That way you kick up the filter load in two steps: 1) the additional ammonia from the fish respiration, and 2) the food load a little later.

    I hope this helps,


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      Hi John, I had to treat my pond with malachite and formalin a few month ago, for about 6 days. I think that this treatment is even worse for the biomass in the filter then your strong salt treatment , but I had no problems because I stop feeding for one week and then I started to feed slowly for one more week while I was putting some bactery to help the restart of the filter. My filter at that moment had only a vortex, brushes and three room with Jap mat. I don't have axperience with kaldness that could be more fragile for the little sickness of the biomass.
      Good luck


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