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Isa Showa / Kohaku Culling

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  • Isa Showa / Kohaku Culling

    This is my first post to the Forum. Just looking for some advise on culling since this is my first year playing with Koi. I had fish as a kid by Kois is a new older adventure.
    I had a controlled spawning last night - female Isa Showa with a male Hoshikin Kohaku. I used a 150 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank and mops made from synthetic yarn. Both parents out of the tank now. Added some malachite green and tank is aerated. Any thoughts as to culling for Showa or Kohaku?
    This is more of an experiment for me.
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    Mixing Showa and Kohaku is not a good approach for producing Kohaku. It conceivably could produce Showa with improved Hi, assuming the Kohaku parent has better quality Hi than the Showa. Given where you are, I would aim for Showa by selecting the black fry and tossing all the rest. This can be done as soon as the fry are free swimming, and therby reduce the feeding demands and allow for better water quality.

    If you search this forum, you will find a number of threads about raising fry and culling, including some advice by rather knowledgeable folks.


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      Many Thanks

      Thanks for the advice. I was thinking along the same line- keep the black fry and toss the rest.


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