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    Why do you guy post on Koi Bito message board? Is it just because it's one of the best message boards?


    Keep it simple, keep it straight
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    That's an easy one, I post to learn. I just started posting recently but I've been lurking for a while. The quality and knowledge of the people here are second to none.

    Plus the koi-unit guys crack me up. small storm... LOL



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      First, The knowledge is awesome.

      Second, The lack of drama and politics so prevalent on the other boards is refreshing.

      Third, I gotta give it to the Koi-unit guys they keep it fresh.

      Fourth, Did I mention the first rate knowledge on Koi?

      ZNA Potomac Koi Club


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        I post on a few other BB and find them all different in there own ways.

        I find Koi-Bito has some quality posts which are debated very very well by great knowledgeable people



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          Got to agree with all the other posters here, the knowledge from across the world and good manners from all posters on this board, is second to none. Long may it continue.
          Regards, Bob
          ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º> ><{{{{º>
          <º}}}}>< <º}}}}><


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            Where I am, there is nobody keeping koï, no koïclub at all and I can find on this forum all the answer to the problems I have starting this new hobby.
            Even if I might make mistakes writing on the differents treads, the pleasure is great to read so many interesting people.


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              While many of the posters here also post on other boards, the "atmosphere" is a bit different. Perhaps a bit more "gentle", with not as much of the attitude some other boards have. Each have their place. This is a nice place to learn
              Best regards,

              Bob Winkler

              My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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                I enjoy the wealth of knowledge from the regular and not so regular posters and the international flair that this board provides.

                I also like the ability too get honest responses too questions instead of it being candy coated. On certain boards you could post a pic of a wal-mart fish and everyone will tell you how beautiful it is. With responses like that everyone is short changed on their learning curve.

                Koi Bito is also the best magazine out there so that can't hurt.


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                  Hmmm. No one has thought/mentioned that the mag is a primo piece of work and adds considerably to the board's validity.....of course this was Most true in the beginning..
                  BTW several of you are good reading.


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                    I primarily post here because it is a comfortable place with a calm about it. DickB has a lot of responsibility for it developing that way. I also like having threads that grow and build over time. The NI board is fast moving. I like that about it. However, it is not a place for building on a topic over a period of more than a couple of days. The other boards I visit become frustrating in one way or another, and I lose patience with a lot of the non-substantive drivel. Have you noticed how on this board, when posters are joking back and forth, it's still about the koi? ... Well, maybe Momotaro BBQ is not exactly about koi, but not too distant.


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                      hi everyone.. i'm pretty new here.. i've been reading more than posting.. but i really like this forum because most people are blunt.. especially when it comes to grading koi.. i don't like it when everyone praises koi that don't deserve it.. an honest opinion is far more educating..


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                        What I like about this board is the input from our friends in Asia. It provides a perspective that we do not hear when only communicating with North Americans and Europeans. Thank you.

                        This also seems to be the breeder's forum. I cannot get enough of those discussions.

                        -steve hopkins


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                          I'm with Steve on this one.

                          This is the only Forum in the world where people are prepared to share the 'secrets' on spawning.
                          Also this is the gentleman's forum and I am proud to post here.
                          Thanks Brian for making it possible.
                          And thanks for all you guys.
                          Jaco Vorster
                          South Africa


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                            Here you can find:
                            -Nice and knowlegeable people
                            -Nice atmosphere
                            -Good advice
                            -Good answers to all questions related to koi
                            -Positive discussion
                            -A feeling of always being welcomed, especially for new members
                            -A bonus good magazine
                            -Refreshing jokes, sometimes
                            -Pictures so personal, we cannot find anywhere else
                            .........and I can go on and on. That's why!


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                              Every board has it's cast of characters with info. This board being one of them, is here to help inform people of this hobby that we all hold so dear and near to our hearts. So I hope that this board can answer any questions or give opinions and suggestions to what you ask...So, peace out from Missouri....

                              Koi-Unit aka Aquitori.
                              The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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