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  • Colour of chagoï

    I bought end of last year a girin chagoï that was a little dark for me but my koï dealer told me that growing he will change and become olive green.
    He's growing well but the colour remain the same. How do you think he will be in the future ?
    Sorry for the quality of the first pict, but that give an idea of the colour
    The second pict is taken 30 min after the first one, but the colour never loock clear like that in my pond.

    I have notice then when the ground clearer, the colour seems to change and become also clearer, are some koï like cameleon ?
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    I don't think it will change very much i have two Chagoi and one i have had for a few years and it has never changed one bit and it also is a Gin Rin.
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      I don't know about getting lighter but my ginrin chagoi has got darker. First pic was taken in March. Second was taken today.

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        im thinking unless you have soft water or a mud pond, it wont get lighter ... only darker


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          You might have the begenin of the answer, Aragorn, the water is really soft here.


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            Marco it will never get lighter.

            I have seen many Chagoi and Soragoi especially change into Hajiro when older.
            This is a pic of my green Chagoi and it is the same colour as it was when I bought it at 6 inches......32 inches now and four years old.
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            Jaco Vorster
            South Africa


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              wow thats a nice big chagoi jaco, I have one just a bit on the greyer side and a few inches shorter, had him from 6 inches now in my pond for three years and about 26 inches long. Frienldy fish seem to be the chagoi's nature.
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                I have a question. From my internet obervations it seems that all Jumbo Chagoi or lets say all really big Chagoi (in this case 85cm+) are green or green/grey. Maybe I am wrong but to me it looks like this.

                Thanks for your opinion/ answer!


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                  I have noticed the same thing, Hauns. I prefer Soragoi, but they do not seem to match the Chagoi in growth.


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                    Thanks for the informations and for the pict of yours Chagoï wich are really nice.



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                      Thats right Hauns!


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                        Hmmm, thats interessting. Has anyone an explanation for this phenomen?

                        P.S.: Hi Ciby, lange nix gehört von dir


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                          When you try to imagine a chromosome, is like a scale with thousend of steps, and when you make a selection on some caractere,colour for example, you just select a part of the scale and especialy some steps. But some steps of the scale are really near, so, when you select them, you have a great chance to select the one wich is near by. So may be selecting the colour of the chagoï, you also select a gene near by wich code for gigantism.


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