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please comment on this showa

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  • please comment on this showa

    as usual ... no holds barred please

    18cm (lineage ISA?)
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    I would quess it to be male. I'd like to see a thicker is there and will make it self known shortly. I don't see lots of redeeming value as a show fish yet with good care could bring much happiness as an active member of a pond community.
    Dick Benbow


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      There seems to be a lot of areas of weak beni and not much sumi showing; not even one good lacquer scale to give any hope. Of course knowing the breeder and parents would help, but showas are always a's just a matter of how much risk do you want to take on. After all, at my early stage of koi keeping it's about risk management and avoidance and gaining knowledge. I'm sure you could learn a lot from watching this koi grow.



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        i would be conserned with the beni also the body shape seems to suddenly taper from the middle to rear but this could be the cambra angle


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          Nothing positive to say....don't like it at all...sorry, being honest.


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            I'm with Dan. Has kind of a ragged look about it.
            Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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              agree with above... more white on head and thicker and balanced beni needed to take a chance here.. sorry
              Best regards,

              Bob Winkler

              My opinions are my best interpretation of my experiences. They are not set in stone as I intend to always be a student of life. And Koi.



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                Good bloodline, but lousy Koi. Sorry, but Beni is very weak and uneven, skin looks very low quality. Pattern is far too heavy over the head and face. Sumi is anybody's guess, as none is showing?



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                  We were just saying in another thread that the honest opinions on this board give it distinction, and this one sure shows that.

                  I would only buy this Showa if it was nominally priced (say $20), and then only for the education of watching it for a year. I'd be planning to give it away from the moment I got it.


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                    It looks like it may be growing so fast, it is got growing its color I really dont know enough about showa to give a sound comment


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                      FOR ONCE I GET TO SAY SOMETHNG often only ythe good points are stated about the koi posted on koi boards.
                      listen this ain't a nice fish, and there ain't much of a chance of it ever being a nice fish unless a miracle happens with that beni, but.....
                      BUT it will have an awesome head in a couple of years. that white crease will continue to open and it doesn't look like the Sumi is close to it, so it will be enough white and in commanding position to be noticed. and the submerged black will eat alot of that beni on the head. A really kick butt head.
                      i sure wish this was one of Brandwood's time machine koi.


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                        thanks ... but there seems to be a majority commenting on the beni ...

                        can you explain whats?/HOW the beni is wrong?

                        this is my first showa ... so if i need to make mistakes ... it should be in this one


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                          another pic

                          and the first pic with my "imagined" sumi in the future (so it can be for the record)
                          the lesson i intended to learn would be if my sumi prediction would be right or wrong

                          upon choosing, i didnt care if it was male or female ...

                          and i hope somebody would explain to me what i should be looking for in beni (and to differentiate it with "hi")
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                            the difference between hi and beni is the hue, beni is more orange and softer...i think.

                            And as to your guess...I'm guessing what you did cover will become sumi, but more than that as well. the shiro on the left side of the dorsal looks blue as well...and look at the Black in the right eye, much of the right side of the face will be sumi.

                            and the streaks of black in the right pec? I've had motoguro show up from just that little bit, but there must be some on the body at the base of the pec, and it looks like some sumi is under the beni there?

                            and the beni is a wreck in the fact that it is several different shades of orange and seems to be breaking up. plus the beni dies not look like it is inbetween the scales, as it should be if it is "thick" and stable.


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                              you're right about the sumi luke ...
                              i found a dark picture where the flash barely fired ...
                              the light from the flash didnt overlight the "future" sumi
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