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    To all Brothers and Sizters here ,

    While I considered myself fairly new to this forum , or hardly post in this forum , I actually felt I grew and matured with this forum the last few years . It's been a wonderful forum , both technical and social . Hobbyists in the West , are actually no different from Hobbyists in the East though we shared different seasons and weather throughout the year . If you have the time to read this post , feel free to continue . This is for leisure reading and nothing much to contribute to husbandry skill of koi keeping .

    Feeding , had always been a subjective issue , both discussed in the East , as well as the West . Till today , I must admit , there's never been a regulated feeding regime that can be defined for all ponds , because all ponders will have to understand their own capacity or capability of their ponds and filteration , before discussing or emulating feeding regime adopted by some of the experience ponders . Hobbyists should not specifically proclaim that their recipes would be best for all kois . There's always good reasons ,for having different manufacturers and producers of Koi Food .

    Ponds and filteration systems , had been discussed over the years in many forums , not only here . It will be strange for anyone , to proclaim they have the best filteration system or pond . Knowingly , that every pond constructed , do come with minor flaws here or there , and each and every pond can be unique in it's own way. Some would say , nothing beats having kois in their natural habitat , while some believe the improvisation of our filteration system and feeding regime in an enclosed pond , would be the best way of bringing out the fullest potential of our kois . Some would even believe the logistical position or Feng Shui of our ponds do play a part ..... Nothing wrong having such thoughts .

    Quality of kois , for the senior or veteran hobbyists , had been known to have evolved over the last 20 years . Any Grand Champion 20 years ago , might not be even categorised as a good fish in today's Book of Wonderful Kois . The evolution of Kois has brought us to focus on patterns , colorations , skins and lastly .... body and size .

    While many discussed the importance of filteration , size of ponds , quality of kois , etc .. etc ...... have we really ever ponder on what Nishikigoi , really had taught us as a hobbyist or keeper ??? . Have not the demised of some of our wonderful kois taught us anything ??

    Nishikigoi , had in many ways , humbled us , into submitting or rendered us to some level of frustration along the learning curves . It's often through our dark moments in this hobby , that good friends and advices come along . The sharing of knowledge comes from "the experienced ", and not just theoretically written book . The willingness to share , do not shame us from our bad past , but a scenario we do not wish to see in somebody elses' pond .

    Through sharing , we develope Friendship through this hobby. Through Friendship , we develope Community . Through the community , we see not just koi hobbyists , but Blessed fellow humans , who faired better than the poor and hungry . Blessed friends , who not walk in front or behind us , but by our sides. Friends who would hold us , when we fall . Friends who would even sing along with you when you forget the lyrics . Friends who would pray for your well being . Friends who really care .

    This is what Nishikigoi Hobby is all about . Friendship and Community .
    For One , who can truly share and care , we will address him or her as the Nishikigoi Master . May the Nishikigoi Community Spirit be with you guys . Let the Nishikigoi Community grow and all will enjoy the fruit of your labor in this hobby .

    David Soon .

    P.S - I'm not a Nishikigoi Master yet , but I will learn to be one . Would you ???
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    Good post David.

    The motto of ZNA is : " International friendship thru scales"

    Best, JR


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      I sure hope we all can achieve this goal: “International friendship thru scales”.

      Look likes we still have a very long way to achieve THIS!!!



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