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When China becomes the world's policeman

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  • When China becomes the world's policeman

    There is doubt that China is rising. The first phase is as an export center of the world. The next step is to take it's internal nation to new heights the way the USA did from the 1910 period to the 1960s ( our highest standard of living). This rise will come with responsibilites however. As we see, old Europe has already gone hat in hand to ask China to pay for their burdened economies. And it is no secret that the USA now depends largely on the generosity of mainland China when it comes to our borrowing needs. Without China giving us money, our interest rates would sky rocket and at this current level of debit and unfunded liablities we will sink hard. And there isn't enough tax money in the country to cover a 147 trillion dollar debit that doubles ever eight years should the rates rise to 7%.

    Make no mistake, a country that has been around for 5000 years, has observed a lot. And it well knows the damage associated with quick sand involvments in places like Vietnam and Afghanistan.
    It will be interesting to see if the great dragon will take on the roll of policeman of the world? In truth, no one asks for that role. It becomes their role by natural means as leadership is heaped upon a world power. You can see it in the Great British empire, the Prussian empire, the Neoplean empire, ect.
    In one sense, they might be better policemen? Certainly when the Talban kill their soldiers there will be consequences. The Chinese, a most civilized people, can get barbaric on your arse pretty quickly. I certainly would not want to be in a towel head wrap wearing, black and white robed clothed taliban soldier when the chinese shock troops arrive-- in very large numbers. In past history ( from Tibet to Korea ) they tend to swarm over the enemy. My wager would be the species known as Taliban would go the way of the Dinosaur.
    Yep, we might all be gone by the time the Chinese are the Policemen of the world. And so no one will be around to appreciate just how judicial the USA armed forces were in their policemen roles. It will be an interesting world. And somewhere in the middle east , the great satan will surely be missed. JR
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    "...somewhere in the middle east , the great satan will surely be missed."

    Ya know James,
    every word you typed is true to the bone...
    but that last statement goes all the way to the marrow.
    Larry Iles


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