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  • an unexpected act of love

    Our nephew-in-law Josh Smith has touch our hearts taking us by surprise when he told us he was organizing a run to support the ALS foundation in Steve's name! The foundation does more than just work for awareness and a cure they are a huge network of support for ALS patients, their families and care givers. When Steve was between insurance coverage they took care of the costs for him to attend an ALS workshop at the Mayo clinic. They also have a loan closet with a wide array of equipment for ALS patients. I cant say enough good things about the folks at the ALS foundation or for this enormous show of love from Josh. If you were looking for a way to give please support Josh in his 50 mile run for my Steve.

    So I am supporting my friend Steve Powell who was diagnosed with ALS ( Lou Gehrig's Disease) my goal is to raise awareness and raise money toward the ALS society, an organization that works toward finding a cure. Sometime in December I am gonna run 50 miles from Panama City fl to Fort Walton Beach Fl in honor of my good friend Steve and all the other people who have been affected by this illness. So if you have an extra dollar please help out, every little bit counts.
    Joshua Smith
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    Josh has surpassed and raised his goal, I have started helping him organize his run

    Joshua Smith

    Hey friends!!!! I am very close to reach $2,000, anybody want to help me reach that number? This thing is going better than what I thought. I wish more of you knew who Steve Powell was then it would make sense why am raising money and going for this crazy run. He is a great dude who deserve all the support i can give.


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      l Josh had raised about 2,500 $ to date and something happened to his page at the Dollar makes a Difference ALS fund raising site. I am sure they have received the funds but it isn't showing his fund raiser for Steve. until he can get up with them and sort it out Josh started a new page so he could continue to fund raise while in Afganistan. Hopefully their web master can merge the two fund raisers onto one page so he can keep track of it's progress.
      thank you to everyone who has graciously supported Josh and Steve!
      One Dollar Difference- Florida Chapter: 50 Miles For Steve - The ALS Association


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        Although there are no posts but mine to this thread I see this thread page has been opened many times. I am posting today to let you all know Josh's fund raising page has been sorted and fixed and nearly 4,000 has been donated!!! I am sure by the time Josh is home for this run he will have by far surpassed his goal of five grand. I would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to check it out and donate, our Koi community is so very giving and supportive. There is a rolling list of those whom have donated and I smile seeing so many familiar names, from the depths of my heart, Thank You. One Dollar Difference- Florida Chapter: 50 Miles For Steve - The ALS Association


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          another quick up date. Josh has retuned state side safe and sound thank God! He continues to train to be ready for his run Dec 21st while stationed in New York. He is very excited about the money has raised thus far for the ALS foundation and we are so very proud of him. Down here in FLorida I have been mapping his run and working to pin down a finish line. As he hits the Destin bridge w are planning to divert the run onto the beach to finish the last five miles along the beach so anyone who wishes may join and run Josh in. quite a few local runners have shown an interest to do so. Steve will be there to watch his finish, Josh is planning on a 12-15 hour run.


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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	232755 kinda nice to have a face for the name so thought I would introduce Josh to everyone


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              and a picture of Steve working on the filtration in the pouring rain a few years ago.... got to love him!
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                up date time!!
                Josh is coming down for Thanksgiving, we will be tying up lose ends for the run. We have a lot in order so far though!
                *A friend of ours who is retired fireman now EMS/Homeland security emergency response coordinator (he worked Haiti earth quake) has taken over the safety and support team which is a huge relief to me.
                *The Ramada Inn on Okaloosa Island is hosting the finish allowing us to use their back deck on the beach to gather at as runners come in.
                *The Man and the Sea Museum in Panama City is the start of the run...and with Steve's life being full of scuba what a fitting place to begin! we are real excited about this and I firmed up this just today.
                *the fun surprise has been my co-worker's niece Misty, who is a runner and lives at the half way mark. Misty's husband remodeled our bathroom for Steve a couple years ago. She has registered under Josh to raise her own $150 goal and is running 5 miles with josh. She has also put out a challenge to local runners to commit to a five mile stretch saying if 9 more will run 5 miles then Josh will have a partner the whole run! what a sweetheart.
                AND to date Josh had raised over $5,000 !!!!!!!

                this is the map of his run
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                  OMGosh!the 21st is coming fast than Christmas!! things are falling into place. mile markers signs were dropped of yesterday I will get them out on the route wed.
                  T-shirts are in. chase car organized, relay runners organized....only few more things to do...

                  Josh is pumped! and he just posted this on FB, thought I'd share it with you all:

                  " Alright friends next week is the big run. I will take off early on the 21st and complete 50 miles in honor of my good friend Steve Powell who was diagnosed with ALS. When I first started this I was only planing to raise a few hundred dollars and run my ass off. Nothing big and exciting was running through my mind at the time. However this thing has blown up and is bigger than I ever imagined. A lot of people stepped up to donate and offer their help. Supposedly I will have new friends joining me at different point through out the whole run so I will never be alone. T-shirts were made, safety vehicles with crews have been provided and so much more. Over $6000 has been raised, I was only planning on the goal being 500$. I wasn't aiming big enough because I forgot how great people can be sometimes. Thanks for all the help, love and support. See you next week.
                  Still looking for a few more donations
                  Homepage - ALS Association "


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                    he made the front page of our Daily
                    Soldier plans cross-Panhandle run to help a friend, defeat a foe - Top Story - Northwest Florida Daily News


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                      the run was a great success. Josh raised nearly 8k to date and ran 50.6 miles in 12 hrs.
                      It was an amazing event to witness and so very humbling. it was a roller coaster of emotions.

                      seems I have hit my limit for photos, if you wish to read more there are more details here at the ALS forum and pictures
                      an Unexpected Act of love - Page 2 - ALS/MND Support Group Forums

                      I thank you all very much for your love and support. the koi hobby was well represented on the donation page as well as on the 50 mile route with pace runners supporting Josh!!!


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                        they did it again! This summer runners contacted me and said they would be running 50 miles for Steve again the weekend before Christmas. 2 runners this year ran the entire 50 miles and a relay of 20 some pace runners supported them.
                        Once again the koi community showed support and love on the road running and on the donation page!

                        thank you so much, you are amazing people
                        2014 ONE DOLLAR DIFFERENCE FLORIDA CHAPTER: 50 Miles For Steve - One Dollar Difference


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