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Christmas commercialism

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  • Christmas commercialism

    Once again I suffer from post-Christmas commercialism, were I reflect on the madness I have participated in. Gone are the meaningful days of wanting to gift someone with something that would be special or meaningful to them- replaced by iTunes and restaurant giftcards bought at any convenient store. Last minute giftcards for every niece, nephew, cousin, aunt or uncle that came into town. And this year, again, I had four Christmas's in a 24 hour period- three with complete dinners. No relaxing with my own kids and enjoying Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but rather, driving around from house to house to be sure that no one felt 'left out'.

    I get it with the kids. There's a special joy to watching a child open a meaningful present. But the meaningless giftcard exchange is something I dispise. Oh, I'll be cordial and play nice, but I am being phoney.
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    You grew up. Now you're the Santa. Glad no one expects you to climb chimneys lol.


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      my Christmas...
      got up baked 2 pies and a triffle for my part of the big family Dinner, which we didn't make it to but the pies did and it made the house smell wonderful. Most years Christmas morning Mass is also on the schedule.
      I had gifts for the nieces and nephews, not expensive but thoughtful gifts. Everyone else got a big jar of honey.(for those that don't know, I keep bees and honey is gold, it is a gift of my hard work)
      Spent a good portion of the day with The Duke...did you know Christmas they ran a John Wayne Marathon? lol ...basically had a quiet lazy day, being that we missed dinner big plates were sent home for us.
      We have learned to lazily stretch Christmas over the Holiday week

      You can either join in on the commercialism craziness or is a choice


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