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    Over the holidays, I got a little time to tinker. Not as a Santa. But as an elf. From the mess scattered all around my room which I told myself two years ago I would clean, I got a broken old WinXP notebook and parts I've gotten from Ebay together, and got myself back into the desktop/notebook world.

    I'm pretty cheap these days. The spending is all on my koi and the pond. Staying my budget. The notebook had broken hinges, washed out screen, and it was infested with spyware the worst being a password changing datalogging malware. Now I got a 2004-era Pentium M class notebook, a reliable Fujitsu S6120, and the difference is night and days compared with a tablet, and it shows in posting to Koi-Bito.

    I'm happy that my posts are actually AUTO-SAVING. So, about my rant about Koi-Bito at times, it turns out it's my tablet that isn't quite measuring up. It's far better an experience using a desktop or a notebook (most preferably one that's not infested with virus and malware vermins) in using the web.

    Also, the keyboard is so, so, nice. The tactile feedback is so nice to the feel. And man, I can use Flash and Java. Can't believe how I managed to skip some nice websites because they use Flash and Java. For example, just check out this website chocful of great information on pumps:

    I'm home!
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    Sheesh... you sound like you know what you're doing! LOL

    Glad you got it worked out.


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