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    I'm building a 165000 gallon rescue pond 110'x50' x 4' deep with bottom drains using a pond liner.I was wondering if i can put 3 bottom drains Into one underground pipe leading to filters,Or do i need 3 separate pipes.. And is 200,000 sq foot of surface area of bio material enough for the filter.any and all sugestions on things i will need for this pond with be greatly appreciated, I have allot of property and am trying to set up a koi rescue pond. basically it comes down to this.Id like to be able to dig a large pond 110'x50' x 4' for all the unwanted koi in my area.I have 30000 to spend on it but need some guidance on setting up the filter system.
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    3 bottom drains will not be nearly enough for a pond that is 100' x 50'. A bottom drain has an effective radius of about 13'. You'd need more like 30 of them for your pond, each going to it's own filter and pump. Can I ask why you want to build such a large pond? How do you intend to prevent spread of disease in taking so many fish from different sources and mixing them? Will you test each one for KHV before mixing them? If you tried to run 150K gph though 3 drains, you'd need to pull 50k gph through each one, which is not even possible in a gravity fed situation. Youd have to hook a huge expensive pump to each one and direct suction, which would also probably such in the fish with that much flow. I seriously doubt such a large pond can be built propertly with your budget, even if you do all the work yourself. You can easily spend half of your budget on just the pumps. Have you thought about just building a mud pond with aeration to house these rescue koi? Build a couple smaller liner ponds to act as a QT pond, then once you insure the koi are healthy, they can move into the mud pond.


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      CarolinaGirl thank you, this is the type of info i needed,i will take your advice, I have all the time in the world and dont want to rush into something that i cannot afford or controlle,I will make a large acre mud pound and a few small qt tanks.


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