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A Way to Test a Pond for Water Leak- Now and the Future

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  • A Way to Test a Pond for Water Leak- Now and the Future

    Are pond leaks a common problem? In the Philippines, it seems to be. The source of that problem can be dissected and be good fodder, but I'm not going to rant on that. Instead, I want to focus on ponds with this problem and how the pond owner can approach the heartbreak of knowing his pond has a bad leak.

    It's starting to rain now, and soon it will be monsoon season.I recall being thankful that time when it rained heavily as I was almost finished plastering the pond wall. The pond was fully covered, and so it was sheltered from the rain. It stayed dry, never got flooded. But as the heavy downpour continued, I eventually saw some wet spots and crack lines emerging on the pond walls. As you may guessed, the water was flooding the surroundings of the pond, and it was testing for me my pond's concrete structure. The negative water pressure from around the pond was making water push through weak areas of my concrete work.

    I proceeded to mark those moisture spots, as these spots would eventually disappear when the spots dry out. Later on, I had to make repair on these spots. Luck was with me that day, and I was very thankful for that.

    This experience of mine may be replicated, but you don't have to wait for rain. You won't need to have a tarp when there's no rain expected, but you'll need to flood the pond surroundings very generously to do such a test. Many tests for water leaks are mainly reactive, and only deal with plugging the current source of leaks. This method is bone-headed, as water pressure will just probe for the next weakest part of the pond wall, and then another leak will spring. Emptying your pond of koi once is stressful enough, and no one should ever have to go through it again.

    Unless a pond is so shoddily built, this method should identify those future problem areas in the pond wall. I thought I'd share this as it may be helpful for others with such a problem.

    There are other ways, maybe even better. What's your experience and know-how worth sharing?
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    It is the most common problem to get leak in a pond what you heard but in reality it is very hard to find the leak and then be prepared for its repair. You will experience different and sometime frustrating as well, but you can make it as easy as you want. There are tips for pond repair you can take advantage of repairing a pond. Read More: Pond Repair: How to Find and Fix a Pond Leak


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