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Wire Hoses - A Godsend

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  • Wire Hoses - A Godsend

    Hi. I wanted to show you a few uses for wires hoses. Especially useful when you have problem aligning tubes and pipes, especiall after you want to join to pipes that are not on the same plane. I used to turn to unions, but they're not as flexible and forgiving. I had one ball valve, which was so hard to turn. When it broke finally, I realized it behaved that way because I had forced the joining of two pipe sections, and this misalignment caused the problem with my ball valve. Some pics (the second one is just a garden hose). The first pic is the one with the replacement ball valve. Second one is where I connected a water meter to two unaligned pipes. And the third one is where I connected a pump to a tee that connected to a pressure tank on one side, and to my pond, on the other. Just make sure you know how to tighten the clamps. Too tight and they give way and become loose. Some clamps are just so bad its better off getting a more costly but reliable one.Sorry, pics to come later. I don't know what happened to my attachment icon.
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    I think we need photos to understand. I am not sure what you mean by a wire hose. Good luck with whatever the problem is.
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        That was pic 2 and 3. For some reason, pic 1 didn't show up. Next post is pic 1. Bugs, you just can't live without 'em!


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