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New Koi Pond Filter Set-up!

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  • New Koi Pond Filter Set-up!

    Hello all, just move to a new house and want to build a koi pond. Not going to be a big koi pond, I think is about 17 feet long and 12 feet wide. I don't have much experience with koi, just a little. My old house a have a little koi also, but I did not like the koi setup by the original owner. But here I am trying to build a new koi pond in the spring and I will try to build by myself. I already have some of the koi filter with me, I have 1 Savio skimmer large size, 1 Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 6000 Filter, 1 Cetus sieve and DIY bakki shower tray filter. I think all my setup not gravity filter but I will pump filter. My main question is I don't know how to tie all this filter that I already have in order to work together. If anybody would like to help me out that setup, I will appreciate for the help very much. If anybody have some kind of sketch about the system that would be really nice, but anything would help. Oh I think my koi pond will be about 4 feet deep, my wife she don't want the koi pond very deep. Thank

    Could this setup work: Bottom Drain to Cetus Sieve, then Pump to Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter to Bakki Shower. But that leave my Savio Skimmer some where? Any help?
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