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Air Lift Pond?

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  • Air Lift Pond?

    Hello there! Does anybody know of any threads here where somebody designed an air-lift filter system? Thanks!
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    5500 gllns, Ultima II 4000, Tarpon 6000, 1 Multi-Cyclone Prefilter, 2 - 5500 gph pumps, 1 Retro BD, 1 skimmer, max depth 4', 5% trickle 24/7 weather permitting
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    Air lift was a hot topic many years ago. But does not seem to fit with newer mechanical stages such as sieves or RDFs. The same goes for bio conversion units such as showers. It should work for static beds and fluid beds with gravity feeds......depending on the flow rate you need. I would not run a 4" BD pipe with less than 4000gph.

    If the intent is to minimize captital cost (pumps) and operation cost (electricity), I suggest investigating new variable speed pumps such as the Periha line. One of my pumps is a Periha 25000. It cost aound $200 and uses 160watts at max speed and delivers almost as much water as my former 1/2hp pump that cost lots more and used around double the power.
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