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Turning bottom drain back down after rise

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  • Turning bottom drain back down after rise

    Hello, new to the forum but have been reading it for a while. I've learned a ton but have a specific question. I have an approx. 4500 gallon pond that has been running with 2 gravity fed pumps from a bottom drain to a bog and a skimmer to a waterfall. The bog is approximately 25 feet away with a waterfall and stream coming back down to the pond. I have had it running for about 2 years now and the maintenance is terrible. I have several trees and so I am constantly cleaning the canisters and netting out leaves. I do not have any koi at this time but would like to purchase them when I feel comfortable with my setup. I have attached a crude drawing of my current setup and what I would like to do. I want to install an UltraSieve III before my pump and have the bottom drain and the skimmer both fed into the UltraSieve III. I have a 4" piped bottom drain installed but it currently rises up to around 24" below the water level of the pond. This is due to proximity of trees and large roots and ultimately poor design. I understand what would be ideal is to have the pipe lower but given my current installation and restrictions with trees and space my question is, would returning the 4" pipe from the bottom drain and bending it back down toward the bottom of the UltraSieve still allow enough head pressure to operate the bottom drain. I will also be returning the new 4" pipe from the skimmer into the UltraSieve as well. Hopefully my drawing will help. Let me know if you need more information.

    Current design:
    Evolution Aqua 4" bottom drain aerated with 4" pipe to
    Easypro GV100-7380 GPH max running bog

    Helix skimmer with 2" pipe to
    Elite Pumps 4600PLT - 4600 GPH max running a waterfall

    New Design:
    Evolution Aqua 4" bottom drain aerated with 4" pipe to UltraSieve
    Helix skimmer with 4" pipe to UltraSieve
    Easypro GV100 draws from Utrasieve III and is split running both bog and waterfall

    Thank you for your help!
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