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Share your regrets on new Pond Building

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  • Share your regrets on new Pond Building

    Please share any regrets you had when building your first pond.

    Attached the first phase of my new pond.
    One thing I do not have is an inch of extra space.
    Looking to place a window from the filter area next to skimmer, space permitting.

    Have a look at my design and comment should you have done this differently with the limited space
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    Bobby Matthee
    Koi-The Art of waterkeeping
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    The first pond I built was only 4' deep. MAJOR mistake!!!! A koi pond can not be too deep.

    On the current pond, the mistake was not putting showers on the first year!!! The current pond is 16'x10'x8' pond with a Nexus one each BD and a two showers on the skimmer. I would strongly suggest something similar. Neither Nexus nor Pods do very fast throughput. With a shower the limit is the dedicated water pump. That combo should be cheaper (if you DIY the showers) and take up much less floor space. Should get greater DO and gas exchange from a shower than even a fluid bed. You can also shut down the shower if you are anywhere that cold air in winter could be a problem.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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      No regrets. Although the road has been rocky, I wouldn't change a thing. The sum of all my errors to present help me every day in dealing with new problems and will help me with future problems...

      Oh, and I wish it wasn't a preform 100 gallon koi killer!



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        having it indoors, and water get everywhere... using an undergravel filter.. never doing that again. But at the end of it all I've learned more in the last few months and i have since i started over a year ago and i still love it!


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          There are 3 issues with my pond that I intend to fix. One....I didn't use aerated drains. I DID use 4" bottom drains, but they are not aerated. The pond is 4' deep. I don't plan to dig it any deeper, but I do plan to make the walls 2' higher to get more volume and depth. The last issue is the big rocks around the top edge. They are partially submerged, sitting on the top of the block wall and they are not mortared in. You would not believe the amount of crap that has accumulated behind those rocks and there is no way to clean it out. So next year, I'll move all the fish out, remove the rocks and liner and rebuild my pond the right way to correct these three problems.


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            2 feet deep and 900 gallons...............plants but NO ROCKS......

            Now iffin I can finish up my current pond........
            Koi Wrangler


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              My only regret is not knowing how to walk a backhoe through a creek bed. Thus my pond is above ground and only 4 feet deep.
              Whoever said you can't buy happiness didn't know about Koi


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                Regrets on the first one??? Who Me???

                Lets see. It was big enough diameter wise (10'x12" oval) had plenty of aeration from the waterfall and stream bed (50' long). The depth may have been a minor drawback (only 18"), no bottom drain, lots of big rocks and plants, upflow painintheass ittybitty filters, and a submersible pump, but other than that it was perfect... for a heron/kingfisher serve-yourself buffet that is

                Almost forgot the cheap azz blue fematarp liner that had leakage issues almost immediately
                Were we newb's or what
                Needless to say, much has changed since that first years booboo
                Larry Iles


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                  Someone "read" the word "first" into the topic....

                  I won't.

                  My current pond is about the right size. i would have like to have gone about 6 more feet South but the wife started crying.
                  One mistake I made without any input from anyone is that the feed from the 2000 gallon vortex chamber to the 60ft long raceway is onlt a six inch diameter pipe. I would have loved to have gone bigger but I couldn't rationalize the price for the fittings. I had the pipe (ended up throwing it out) but dang a fitting was a hundred dollars.
                  So one day I'll cut through the concrete walls (vortex and raceway) underneath the bridge out to the vortex and hide another pathway for the water to flow from the vortex.

                  And yes you can build a pond too deep.
                  It is a tough mother mungy to corral koi in a deep pond


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                    Here is my pond video
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