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  • Pond liner

    I have a problem with the crease lines after laying down liner. It was hard to straighten it out when the pond was empty. Now that the pond is filled, it even harder to work with it.
    This is a 12x6x3 pond/slope. I got a 4" BD run to a 55gl settlement tank, then to a 55gl mech/bio filter (jap mat), and pump back to the pond w/ a 1800gl/hr magdrive pump.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
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    Our pond is 10x16x8 and used a 35x50 roller of liner. You think you had problems.

    Seriously, no problem. First you get the liner as centered onto the floor as possible. then put in around 1' of water to form fit the liner to the floor and walls. Wait a day or two. Take the water out and cut in the BD and seal it with a good adhesive/sealant. Personally I like E6100 (the no sag version of E6000). You can find small tubes of E6000 in craft stores. I ordered a case of 12 caulk gun tubes for around $75.

    Wait a day or two for the sealant to cure. then put back the 1' of water and smooth out the walls. In the corners the escess liner goes behind the liner that goes up the walls. That way you only have visible seam going up the corner. Use vertical lines of E6100 to help hold the liner folds in the corners. Wait a day or so for the E6100 to cure and fill with water.

    I hope that made sense. The point is excess liner goes behind...not in front. It makes for a much more professional apppearance.

    My DW said to say it was like creating a dart or pleat in the corner. So anyone who sews has more of an idea about that.

    PS: the pond is a bit too small and shallow for adult koi. Remember they are riverine carp and each easily grow to 30". So large adults will not have much room to swim horizonally and no room vertical to exercise,,especially the swim bladder. If you put in young koi, plan a larger, deeper pond for when the koi grow to adult sizes.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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      Build the blocks up another 3 blocks high if you have enough liner...


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        The key, like MCA pleats. Make many small neat pleats . Large pleats and wrinkles will trap gunk and look bad so keep them even.
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          Thanks guys. The BD installed. It is just a matter of getting out the creases. As far as depth go, I don't think I want to make it any deeper. At least for now.
          MCA, you noted dept is needed to help w/ swim bladder. But shallow pond hurt/cause the condition?


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            It is hard to predict if any fish in the pond for sure will have less development of muscles, swim bladder...and/or less general health. But think of koi as riverine carp that can grow to 30" or more.

            Think of it this way, you could keep a Great Dane in a studio apartment. The real question is "Should you?".
            Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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              You're going to have to drain the pond to get the creases out. Just as Mike said place an inch or less in the pond and pull the creases out as flat as possible as the pond continues to fill. Once you get more than an inch of water depth the weight won't let you pull it much more.


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