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  • Few Pond Pics

    Some Of The Fish

    Does anyone agree that creating this rockwork around the pond and filling the gaps with morter will give the pond a relistic look other than the blocks itself my father dosent seem to agree ?

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    The Rock work will be a nice finishing touch .

    Looks like a new pond , watch those water numbers until your filters get cycled . You may need to do water changes , even if the water looks good (clear) .

    Good Luck
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      I like the stream lined formal pond look, in your situation there is no way you will make it look natural
      but the finishing look of a pond is a very personal taste thing, as long as it is proper built to house koi it is all good!

      shoot, I never thought I would like seeing the filtration but now I don't mind it out in the open! I always want to check it out anyway when I see a new much easier to see how it all runs if it's not hidden LOL!


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