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    I joined this forum because I'm a young koi kichi and I want to share my passion with other koi lovers. I live in the east of France.
    A few years ago I discovered my grandfather’s natural mud pond. I was immediately fascinated by the beauty of the landscape and the fishes. On returning home with my parents, I thought we could try to make one in our back garden, a copy of a Japanese koi pond surrounded by a Zen Japanese garden.

    My parents agreed with my idea. I had initially imagined a small project. But once we took advice from specialists and read many books on this matter, the project expanded very fast.
    The first pond was built 8 years ago. Year after year we enlarged it and we made a traditional Japanese garden all around.

    We put many fishes in the pond (goldfishes and then nishikigoi) and everythink was fine. Quicly, we had our first problems (bacterial infections) and we began to learn more about the health of koi carps.

    Some of our koi died and some of them survived . Our first koi were european koi carp (not very beautiful), but we loved them.
    After putting koi carps from israel, 80% of our fish died from KHV . This is how we understood the importance to only buy koi carps from serious breeders and dealers.
    This is also the moment when we took the decision to only buy koi carps from Japan ( we want beautiful fish from japanese breeders, because we know that they pay a lot of attention on the health of their fishes).

    We bought 2 years ago 4 VHQ koi fish at a very nice and serious small dealer. He only sells japanese koi in perfect health ( no other origin) and he is a koi kichi (he began as a hobbyiste), so we are sure that they can't transport bad disease like KHV or SVC. We know how to heal our fishes and if it's necessary we bring them to the vet ( for antibiotics and surgery).

    Today the pond is 11-12m3 and contains 12 fish. It has a good filtration (Many filters + a lagooning) and also a good oxygenation.

    I read a lot of books and discussions about nishikigoi and I know many things about koi judging but there is still so much to learn !
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