Hi all,

I live along the coast of the US-Pacific-Northwest (Seattle/Tacoma area). My experience with koi: 3 years with tank-based koi (currently five animals), several trade shows, koi club member. Within 4 months, I will have expanded tank-habitat to accommodate 12 - 20 more koi (from Japan only), most in combination with aquaponics. I have no interest in ponds. My interest in plants is limited to those which may serve both the well-being of koi and human consumption. I am committed to providing my aquatic animals with large biobeds, much oxygenation, good nutrition, refuge and regular light/darkness cycles. High water clarity is not needed. My view on koi is a bit like the view of many experts on Champagne: there is no such thing as a bad Champagne, just that one may subjectively be deemed better than another. Moreover, I believe that a true koi must be born in Japan, much like a true Champagne can only originate from the Champagne in France. By the same token, I have never seen a koi I did not find beautiful in its own way - no matter where it was born.
Best to all,