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    Midtown Atlanta here

    It was nice to find other people interested in breeding the wet pets.

    I have been doing that for last few years , some times with better results than others.

    This year, the majority of the females realeased the eggs. I have about 400 hundred babies, almost a month old. Iam waiting for a female Ochiba that still full of eggs but nothing hapen yet.

    I am raising the babies in a small pond about 400 gallons and also in a quarium tank 75 gallons. The aquarium babies are three times bigger than the square pond.

    it is my frys square pond.

    A month before release the eggs I started raising daphnia and then I added the eggs.

    The last year I had successfull raisng about 400 babies, a week ago I went into my the big ponds ( both made 8,000 gallons) and I released 100 of those babies in my main pond ( I kept them for a year in in a cage in the big pond) and the rest of those babies I took to a public Inman park pond . I released there 50 big green kois ( 5 yeasr old) and about 300 babies,( One year old).
    I am located near Ga tech area here
    is tha a sponge filter poisonx? It seems working great!


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      Johns Creek here

      Oh, its good to hear from another koi keeper in atlanta, even better a breeder~~
      I live in Johns Creek near Duluth... Wow you sound like you've been breeding for quite a while... This was my first year and I had a very very high hatch rate, literally thousands and thousands, but my first mistake was keeping it in too big of a pond, 500 gallon from the start. I learned that its easier to maintain 50 gallon tubs for the ease of feeding and filtration... I think that the reason why your aquarium fry are bigger is because of the easier access to food. You can't deny the fact that fish grow much better in bigger space!
      Hopefully, I will do much better next year... Some things you can't learn from reading, you just gotta experience it. =/ I'm even building an extension to my waterfall for a separate fry compartment to my main pond.

      Also, how do you keep your daphnia cultures? I have a couple buckets for my culture, but they crash within a week or so, maybe because of the hot temperature in the sunlight?

      Any picture of the fry, pond? You've peaked my curiosity =D


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        Hi PoisonX

        Thanks so much for the reply.
        Well, it is true that babies in a small aquarium tank (75 gallons) get bigger and bigger. Some are more than an inch long in just less than a month.
        I have also added eggs to my square pond (400 gallons), because the spawning media are too big for my tank. I wish I had more than one small tank to raise babies. Here is the link for the pictures,

        maller for the frys are in the square pond and the others you can see that I took the photos on the aquarium tank. The smaller fry pictures (less than half an inch) are from the square pond and are the same age as those in the aquarium tank.
        The others pictures are form the big pond and are a year old. You can see them next to the big koi in the main pond. I kept those in a cage (main pond) form last spring until a month ago when I released them in the main pond together with the big ones. So far so good.
        I raised the Daphnia in two plastic containers (sixty gallons each).
        I really do not pay much effort on that, once in a while I add yeast and some green water to feed the Daphnia culture. I know that they could die, but also I know that they lay eggs there and the culture will come back. In that way it is better for me to raise the Daphnia in the sixty gallon container than something smaller.
        I am in Midtown, near Georgia Tech, so let me know if you come to the area and you visit my ponds.
        Here are the ponds since those were built, pond still the same, landscape has changed.
        Do you have pics of yours. or pond?


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          Thanks for the invite, I'll go whenever I have to chance to!

          I have some videos on my youtube page. I'll add some new updates, I just finished putting a fry pond in the waterfall section....


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            I'm near Atlanta and am very interested in your koi breeding plan. I hope it turns out well. In the future, I also hope to breed. Therefore, if you want any help, I'm willing to assist so I may learn as well. I would also like to breed showa(f) with kohaku(m), sanke(m) and showa(m). My hobby in koi just started last Christmas and I do not yet have a real pond but a preform plastic pond from Lowes. A mistake but I'm learning.

            I agree with you, thanks!

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              Jacketsodaly, welcome.

              I also live in the ATL metro. You started the same time I did, just different year with same or similar setup. Do yourself a favor and dump the Lowes preform pond. I did that and moved to swimming pools. Best way to learn is to lose/spend money. If you want to go cheap, a intex swimming pool works way better then that preform pond and it's cheaper. I think $75 bucks gets you 700 gallon already. I want to upgrade to a 1500 or 2000+ pool but don't think I will as I think I'm now ready for a real pond. But my real pond will be under 2000 gallon. This is the best place for koi, have fun.

              I think the best thing I did was to not buy lots of pond equipments. I only have a 45lmp air pump and a 5000gph water pump. Everything else such as filter and ponds are cheap or free stuff. I want to wait until i'm ready.
              Akitsushima Tombo


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