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Baby koi or goldfish?????

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  • Baby koi or goldfish?????

    48 Minutes Ago Hi from lovely Crete!
    I would like some help please but I will have to fill you all in with a little story first.

    Where I live there is a place were in the very old years the villagers built some stone kind of ponds to collect rain water for uses like sheep drinking water.About 10 with average size 5 to 10 meters (they are all round).I will post a photo for you to see when I get one.
    Now some years back someone decided to put some fish in those ponds and rumors have it that some were goldfish and some koi,but no one knows for sure.
    I can remember seeing a big white and red fish that was about 20 - 25inch long a couple of years later but I can not say for sure if that was a koi.All I can say is it was a beautiful site.

    Ever since I have heard that allot of people have been fishing out there for there own purposes.That's OK because there are millions of fish now in those ponds.
    So this year I decided to try my luck too but I couldn't catch any big ones as the ponds are very deep and the fish VERY smart.
    So I took my little net and fished out some fry (well around 100-150)around half an inch long and was very happy to set them in my pond and see them do fine.
    Till this day about 4 weeks later they are doing well and have grown allot (most are now around 2 inch which makes me think they are too big to be goldfish.
    So here is were I need your help.
    Most of them have color from the start and others are black or grey.
    WHAT DO I HAVE???Koi or goldfish.

    Here I would like to say that 80% of the fry have color ,are orange with black spots or pink colored like the one in the first photo.
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    to small to be 100% sure but pond will be to small SOON when thay start growing
    Paul Korf

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    Midwest Pond and Koi Society
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      Does anyone agree that no matter what they are they are still CARP!


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        "Some consider all cyprinid fishes carp, and the family Cyprinidae itself is often known as the carp family. In colloquial use, however, carp usually refers only to several larger cyprinid species such as Cyprinus carpio (common carp), Carassius carassius (Crucian carp), Ctenopharyngodon idella (grass carp), Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (silver carp), and Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (bighead carp)."

        So no, not everyone agree that Goldfish (Carassius auratus) are "carp".
        But agree that Goldfish are closely related to "carp".


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          Take some pictures of the fish now the ones u werent sure about


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            Its better to have cool koi's in you fish ponds or carp's maybe. You can check some in here: tropical fish
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              from the pictures, you have the same situation as I ran into with my small pond. I had a large female Koi that drop several thousand eggs in the pond. In the pond I had some Koi and a few large goldfish. Later that fall, I discovered about 30 new fish ranging from about 1 inch to 3 inches. Since this many new fish were too much for the size of the pond, I removed all of them. I found that 7 of the new fish were gold in color. Not your normal goldfish color, but a gold lame (pronounced la-may) color. These appeared to be a cross-breed between the female Koi and the male goldfish. I have them in an indoor aquarium for about 6 months. They have lightened up a bit, but still retained their gold shimmer when they turn or the light catches them just right. They are very beautiful. But, like you I don't know what to do with them.


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                Can anyone here help me identify what kind of koi I have?


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