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    I just realized what killed my 3d spawn. The hot weather... it reached mid 90's and cooked the little frys.

    But here are questions that has been asked many times but here it is once more:
    what fry makes kohaku? my answer is white frys
    sanke? white frys
    showa? black frys

    So, what do yellow,orange and gold frys make besides the solids?
    Yellow might make kohakus and sanke but not sure.
    Akitsushima Tombo


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      Originally posted by chang26k View Post
      Here it is. I didn't take the video so well but enjoy.

      YouTube - magic stuff
      look quite big great
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        In my opinion if you mixed showa with Kohaku you could never consider any of them anything but Showa. Because even if you thought it appeared to be Kohaku at a young age you never will know if or when the sumi might show up and then it is no longer Kohaku. I have read that Japanese breeders have mixed Showa and Kohaku but it was only to try and improve the Beni of the Showa.


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