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  • Eastern Nishikigoi is moving..., the website for Eastern Koi and Waterscapes (A.K.A. Eastern Nishikigoi), is preparing to move. The new website can be found at, also known as the new home of Eastern Koi and Waterscapes.
    As a loyal customer of Eastern Koi and Waterscapes, a trusted name in the koi and water garden business for nearly twenty years, you might be asking yourself what this means for you. Well, the good news is that things won't be very different. You can still buy high-quality hand-selected koi imported directly from Japan, as well as all the supplies and free information you could possibly need to build and maintain your own water garden. You'll just be going to our brand-new, streamlined, and expanded website to do it.

    The even better news is that Eastern Koi and Waterscapes will also be offering a brand-new auction service. Not only will you be able to buy all your high-quality koi and pond supplies just like before, you will also be able to sell your used equipment to other users or place bids on other equipment listed by other users.
    The format will be similar to the one found on eBay, the most well-known, trusted, and user-friendly auction sites on the World Wide Web. Buying the hardiest and most beautiful koi and the highest-quality equipment available couldn't be easier. Buying your equipment through Eastern Koi's auction site is also the perfect way to save yourself some money, practically a must in today's economic climate.

    Also available on our new website is a handy list of weekly specials on everything from koi food, filters, and other products necessary for maintaining your pond and keeping your koi happy and healthy. While you're there, also check out the news archive to keep yourself informed on the latest products, offers available at Eastern Koi and Waterscapes as well as the most helpful waterscape maintenance tips.
    Whether you're a long-time customer of Eastern Koi and Waterscapes or just someone interested in a fun new hobby, be sure to visit today and experience what one of the leaders in the koi and water garden industry has to offer.
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