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Micro7+ Bonus Offer from Bridge Way Koi

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  • Micro7+ Bonus Offer from Bridge Way Koi

    I’ve been using the Exact Micro 7+ for over a year now and have enjoyed the detail in the numbers that it provides me. After first trying it, I discovered there are some accessories that are needed to make it even more convenient.

    The first thing that I found frustrating where the directions, not that they’re unclear or hard to understand, but the instruction book contains 36 pages and gives instructions for all 32 tests the unit is capable of. I realized early on that this book was not going to hold up to regular use with wet hands. This lead to my first upgrade, taking copies of the directions for the 9 tests that are included in the Micro7+ Pond Kit and laminating them.

    The second thing I found to make testing easier was a small squirt bottle to collect water samples in. This makes it easier to fill the tester and to rinse in between tests as well.

    The last thing was a timer, some of the test require additional time for the colors of the tests to develop so having a convenient timer was helpful.

    The Micro 7+ Pond Kit includes 9 different test parameters:

    DPD-1 Free Chlorine
    DPD-3 Total Chlorine
    Total Alkalinity
    Calcium Hardness

    I’ve taken the upgrades that I found useful and created an “Accessory Kit” for the Exact Micro 7+, they include:
    • 4-6” x 9” laminated instruction sheets containing directions for all the included test. Additionally, the last card contains a chart to log 1 months/weekly water tests.
    • 1- Wet erase, fine tip marker to write on the included chart.
    • 1- 250ml sample bottle large enough to complete all tests.
    • 1- Digital timer.

    The Accessory Kit is a $30.00 value that I’m offering free to Koi-Bito members who purchase an Exact Micro 7+. To receive the free kit email me at [email protected] , then proceed to and make your purchase.

    If you prefer PayPal/Check please indicate that in the email. For phone order, give me a call at 707-494-2609
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