I am cleaning up the shelves here and I want to get rid of these scraps that are laying around. They are in various sizes and the pictures show everything you need to know. All of them are the same build specs and can handle some serious water flow based on their size. No matter the size, the pricing is the same. $2 per sq in + shipping.... So a 4 1/4" x 12" screen = 51 square inches X $2 = $102 + shipping. Build material is 316 stainless steel and they are proudly made here in the USA. The dimensions written on the screen are not the current screen dimensions. They will be cut down to the dimensions that are written on the screen so that each side of the screen has a support rod to keep the screen more sturdy. If you don't want them cut down just let me know and I will send them as is and give you their exact dimensions.

Flow rate of the screen is a little complicated to say flat out because it is based on a combination of width and height, and how the water is splashed onto the screen, but for reference you can expect at least 35 gph per square inch of screen so the 4 1/4" x 12" screen could handle 1,785 gph (that is a little low from actual but you get the idea.)

If you are interested in a screen or multiple screens respond to this post, e-mail me at [email protected] or for fastest response call me at 904-288-6199. All payments will be through PayPal. First come first served.