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    For those that have been waiting, please know that we are happy to report that the Harold Bachmann books - Koi Volume 1 Gosanke, and Koi Volume 2 Kawari, are now back in stock. For those that have already pre-ordered, please look for them soon. Anyone else that may have an interest, simply click here - Koi 1 Gosanke & Koi 2 Kawari - Koi Books and DVDs - Mystic Koi and Water Gardens

    We've also received a fresh shipment of EA ONE koi food. They've changed the name to EAShow, and come out with a new formula called EAHealth (still based on the use of polycheate worms). Some good news as well... the price of the original formula has come down as the production volume of the farmed worms has been increased, and the new EAHealth version is further less expensive. For more information, please feel free to check our web site here - EA Show and EA Health Food - Koi and Goldfish Food - Mystic Koi and Water Gardens

    Kind Regards,
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