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Thread: black fly larvae

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    black fly larvae

    Hi folks,
    i am having trouble with black fly larvae to the extent that these critters are causing restriction in my bottom drain run and other pipework (i'm getting head loss in filters).
    The questions are
    1) Has anyone come up with a solution as to how you can clean the bottom drain run (3" pipe), with two bends in the run.
    2) Does anyone out there know how to get rid of these larvae? I have tried a flubenol product which has not touched them at all as i have larvae at different stages of growth within the pond.



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    Nisai MikeS's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Jonesborough TN
    Do you have a connection towards the pup side that can be taken apart? If so you can get a drain cleaner at most hardware stores and home centers that is hose pressure powered. It's basically a black rubber bladder with a hose connection and a pressure valve. You shove it in the pipe, turn on your hose, the bladder swells in the pipe to make a seal then at a certain pressure releases that pressure to blow loose the clog. Safe and effective

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    Hi MikeS
    no i'm afraid i cannot disconect at the vortex end (gravity fed). However i may have found a solution in the form of a pressure attachment which will feed itself down the drain, and smaller bore pipe. Someone is kindly going to lend me one to see if it works at the weekend.
    However i am no furtehr with how to get rid of the blackfly.


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    Nisai MikeS's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Jonesborough TN
    Hope others chime in but I was thinking of Dimlin, not sure if Mosquito Dunks word work but it's worth checking into as they are totally non-toxic to fish.

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    thanks for that Mike.. Dimlin would work i am sure but 100% whether it is currently legal in this country as Flubenol products are only under license so wuld expecy the same for Dimilin, also worried in that you are supposed not to replace any water for quite some time when using.
    Will look into the dunks, had spotted thses but didn't know whether they were koi safe, will look again.
    thanks for taking the time to post


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