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Thread: Tell Me ALL I Need To Know

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    The views expressed above are my own personal views and, as such, do not necessarily reflect the views of the AKCA or the KHA program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kntry View Post
    Bubble bustin'... Spankin'... Whippin'... and Flippin'...
    Larry Iles

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    If you are serious about being a koi breeder. Consider an apprenticeship at a koi farm...in Japan. You have the great advantage of being young.

    Quote Originally Posted by koda2465 View Post
    Hi I am 15 and i just opened my own business. And I HAVE to get my business going, So I am planning to breed my Sankes this summer. I have a pair of Sankes that are very nice. And I built a 8'x4.5'x4' breeding pond.
    Please tell me EVERYTHING I need to know about breeding these Koi like...
    1) When do I separate the males from the females?
    2) How long?
    3) Will they spawn on their own, or do I need to do a water change or what?
    4) What do i need to do with the fry after they hatch?
    5) Should I put them in a mud pond, or leave them in the 8x'4.5'x4' breeding pond?, I have a mud pond if you think that will be better.
    6) And what brand of food is best to raise High Quality Fry?
    7) Is this pond big enough to breed Koi in?
    And I am wondering 1 more thing, Please tell me how you think this male sanke would do in a Koi show in S.C.

    PLEASE HURRY and leave you feedback.
    Matt Sklar

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