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Thread: I bought saki hikari & silkworm p. for $33

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    We appreciate your enthusiasm. If the name brands do actually offer “better” food than their less expensive domestic counterparts then that “better” is at best a few percent points “better”. This small percentage could be worth it if you have top fish in a top pond. But if you are buying small quantities and experimenting with silk worm you don’t. While you may gain some status from brand names and exotic ingredients, your fish won’t notice the difference.

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    I wasn't going to say anything about the relative price tag compared to other high growth foods, but since the cat is out of the bag... It is pretty hard to beat 50% high quality protein in a pellet feed with a re-sealable bag and moisture control pouches...for less money...from somewhere else...milled this year...instead of last years out-of-date-fire-sale-on-ebay leftovers...

    Just sayin'
    Larry Iles

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