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Thread: Spawning time!

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    Spawning time!

    i just had one of my female spawn 2 days ago, and i took out some eggs at put it in a bucket with air stones, so far most are turning white which is a bummer, but i see another female wit ha fat belly and males chasing her, ive been reading alot on the internet, but i see to many facts contridicting itself. is it true that the eggs touch air they go bad? can i use a 50gl kiddie pool to raise the frys at the beginning and then put them into the main pond? i read that only air stones are needed at the egg stage is that true? i just want to do a test run so maybe get 1 koi fish to grow. 2 years ago i got 1 to grow out of 13 that hatched now it looks amazing-wasnt prepared and not prepared again... haha

    should i take out my female and have her spawn in the kiddie pool with soft material and put 2 males?

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    my eggs hatched i have thousands of eggs now im excited

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    Quote Originally Posted by s2kkoi View Post
    my eggs hatched i have thousands of eggs now im excited
    you mean "my eggs hatched I have thousands of fry now."
    Congrats on the spawn. Whereabout do you live? My koi spawned about 2 months ago...

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    Last year I did everything wrong and still got hundreds of fry. It was totally unintentional.

    I threw hyacinths in the goldfish tank and the koi pond. The fish went nuts, spawning all over them. I pulled the plants out, making sure they got plenty of air! LOL

    I filled a 50 gallon stock tank with FRESH COLD water and I think I might have added some pond water but don't quote me on that. I literally threw the plants in there and waited.

    It was cold and rainy for weeks and I was about to up-end the whole works when I leaned down and saw fry.

    There were hundreds but they continuously disappeared. They didn't grow well. I let them eat algae and when they were bigger, I crushed up adult food.

    I kept air in the stock tank and after a couple weeks I setup a biofilter too.

    I was a terrible koi fry mommy, though, for the most part.

    I gave all but 2 of them away this year. I'm ashamed to tell you how small they were. I threw the 2 in the koi pond a couple weeks ago and they're growing much better than they did in the goldfish tank. I just want to see what comes of them. One looks to be a Shusui (the mother) and the other is some kind of crapagoi but with such a nice shiny yellow that I want to see what happens with it. I'll give them away too because I don't have room for them. I have some to get rid of as it is.
    ...enjoy your day!
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