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Thread: Flounder's Dainichi Hotaru Sanke Growout

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    Tosai Koicrazy's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Dallas, Texas

    Thumbs up Beautiful!

    Wow, good progress on your Sanke! She's gorgeous!
    Vicki Patsdauter
    Dallas Texas
    Friendship through Scales
    Dallas Koi Kichi Club

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    Feb 2010
    Nice fish and where did you get that 800g tub. What is the name of it and where did you get it. And about how much is it right now.

    Thanks in advance
    Akitsushima Tombo

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    but I Fifa coins think you could got alot more growth if you would have put it in your main pond in the first place. At least the koi is still alive so your doing something right. Either way it's not going to help you out in any

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