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Thread: Shusui From Where?

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    Shusui From Where?

    Originally Posted by sundan

    Enclosed koi gene tree photo to help. I am seeing some kin kubato also. It appears ochiba and soragoi are not even shown in this gene tree. Do see narumi asagi x doitsugoi to get shusui and then on to chagoi. Ochiba must be farther down the line. Come to think of it, how do you get ochiba? Chagoi x asagi? I know you are not suppose to cross doitsu with non-doitsu, the fry will be very low for quality but wanted to see result. Still to see some shusui is a surprise. Enclosed fry in mud pond and parent stock photo also. Anyone else have input, thanks? Cheers.

    I did a spawning of ochiba x ochiba and I also threw in a male doitsu soragoi. I can not believe how may are in the mud pond, will be culling them next week. My question is it appears to be shusui in the batch. How could that be?

    I'm at a loss as to what to conjecture on why a shusui would be present? For example, marusei took a kigoi and bred it with their Hi utsuri to get rid of the freckling effect on the face of hi utsuri. It worked. kind of a stretch but not too far out. But shusui out of a sorigoi, don't have a clue.....but had to come from that douitsu male?


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    Dan you are the man so I can only say this. A doitsu soragoi is ‘almost’ a shusui. The soragoi just has more black skin made to look blue(ish) through a layer of reflecting skin. In a shusui the black is less prominent and the reflecting layer is more prominent, hence dark blue, to light blue, to white seen in shusui. There are few certainties in Koi genetics, especially in any individual koi. Take the brown of the scaled fish’s belly and pecs, it isn’t brown it is yellow, red and black mixed together, so in addition to brown those basic colors can come through as well. Culling is the key that opens the lock of beauty, you know better than me there are a lot of keys on that ring.

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