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Thread: A visit to Purdin Koi Farm

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    Quote Originally Posted by kntry View Post
    Luke, it’s a figure of speech. Everyone makes mistakes but if this fish really had a deformity like that, there’s no way it would have made it through at least 3 culls. It just won’t happen. Not at Purdin or anywhere else.
    you sure do post alot of statements in terms of absolutes...
    yes they do

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariam View Post
    I saw it too, the fish also looks odd in front of the other eye in the second picture as well. I'd love to see pics of this fish after it comes out of the pond though

    My opinion.
    You need to borrow the "purdin Rose-colored glasses" to appropriately see the beauty of that koi...
    but then again it is ABSOLUTLEY impossible to judge any of the other koi posted in this thread as to their quality. (And I bet the lady in the grey tank top wants to rip Dick a new one.)
    I believe purdin has some very good koi...you just wouldn't know it from the hobbyists that take and then post pics of them.

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    Oyagoi Meg's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Florida Panhandle
    Quote Originally Posted by luke frisbee View Post
    you sure do post alot of statements in terms of absolutes...
    yes they do
    not at Purdin, not the way they run that farm. Scott does not let koi leave his farm that do not represent what he is trying to develope. been there, quietly watched and listened, seen how it works there.

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    What's up with this cyclops kohaku everyone is talking about?

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    Photos do strange things to koi, and certainly a deformity can be overlooked ...for a while anyway, but it sure seems unlikely that Bill and Dick would both overlook this. In any event, in time we will see this one again in more photos. Meanwhile, I hope folks lurking around the board don't get any wrong ideas. I've liked what I've seen from PKF. The day will come when I have room in the pond and Bill says there is a Kohaku meant for me. So far, when I've inquired he has told me to wait. When I'm ready to write a check and the guy tells me not to do so, that the fish is not quite what I want, I gain respect for more than their raising skills.

    Of course, right now having room in the pond is my problem. Gotta make room already for some gals in NJ.

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    Michigan, USA

    Doing business the right way

    Hi Mike

    that does say a lot for them, a lot.

    Jake Levi
    Oswego, NY

    We are all in this together

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    Oyagoi Lam Nguyen's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Portland, Oregon
    While I have been to Purdin Koi Farm only once and spoke to Bill and Scott several times my experiences so far can be summed up in these few words: first class Nishikigoi combined with first class facility, first class hospitality and first class customer service. If they continue to treat me like how they have been treating me then they have got an avid Purdin follower for years to come. But then again I don't know why I am promoting them cuz the way I see it is the fewer people know about PKF the more Purdin Nishikigoi I have to choose from.. While the Purdin drainage is months away I am already salivating like a rabid dog. Purdin has got me trained pretty good. I immediately salivate when I hear te word 'Purdin'.

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    Oyagoi kntry's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Louisiana - KHA
    LOL, Lam, you got it all right!

    I'm glad we have a little different taste in fish. We don't have to fight over the same one.

    At the risk of being too "absolute" Purdin exemplifies class, both staff and koi.
    The views expressed above are my own personal views and, as such, do not necessarily reflect the views of the AKCA or the KHA program.

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