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Thread: Them "changin koi" pics please?

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    Them "changin koi" pics please?

    I see those changing koi at shows , for sale. I hear they change.

    From those in the know, could you tell me....

    How radical is the change? Do they change more at certain ages, seasons, or is it more about the water? What in the water causes it?

    How can i pick out one that will change alot, and often?

    In the red/black/white ones does the red and black change equally?

    What is the ideal show std?

    Do any of you have the pics and abilities to post multiple examples of changes......at least three changes would give a truer understanding of the way and kind of changes I could expect.

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    Fry Lane-O's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    San Diego, CA
    It is my understanding that the red doesn't change but the black does. In the ones I have seen this seems to be true. (I assume we are talking about beni kumonryu) The black can change very radically, usually seasonally (caused by temp?)going from mostly black to mostly white. I wish I had some pics to show but I don't.

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    that jives with what was said, but others standing around claimd the fish would change due to other water parameters as well.

    Anyone got some pics and insight of their own beni K.....or just plain K if the info about the red being stable is correct.

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    Sansai Bob Hart's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Medway, Kent, England

    Do you have access to the Koi Keepers magazine? There is a few pages all about Beni Kumonryu in there.
    Regards, Bob
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    <}}}}>< <}}}}><

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    Dec 2003
    Washington State
    Ben......Could you give me some more info about the "Koi Keepers" magazine? Does it have a regular submission about koi types like Luke's inquirey on K's 'n BeniK's? Thanks, Al

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    So these koi aren't worth photographing by people that own them? or are they that rare?

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    Jumbo Bern's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Sunningdale, UK
    Just like Kumonryu and Matsukawabake they are worth photographing just to record the changes they go through.

    I don't know if anybody else has noticed this but my Matsukawabake is slower to change now that it is larger.

    BTW - Just in case anybody gets the idea that Beni Kumonryu are recent introductions. Here's a pic from the January 85 issue of Rinko.

    South East Koi Club

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    Thanks for at least posting something. Anybody got a series of three pics showing what their fish goes to and back?

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    Fry USA Koi's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Glassboro, NJ


    Here are a few pictures I had from from a doitsu kohaku, ah I mean doitsu sanke, ah I mean doitsu showa, sorry it is really a beni kumonryu oops did I say beni kumonryu I meant karasu. These pictures were taken over about 1 1/2 years. They start from the day I bought the koi in Japan until I sold it. Mark

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    Tategoi Maurice's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Somerset, England. (land of the country bumpkin)

    It's been a long time since your regular posts on NI. Good to see your input.

    Stick around,

    Best wishes for Christmas from the UK,


    PS How did an ugly duud like you get such a pruty girl?

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