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Thread: The blue hour

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    Sansai shiromujigirl's Avatar
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    The blue hour

    At ~ 6 PM every night here a wonderful silvery music approaches in the sky. It comes high and faint above the pine trees, closer and closer, like etherial fairy bells ringing in the twilight. I wait for them on the koi deck every night. It is faint in the distance, comes closer and louder. They fly over. It is a flock of birds. They fill the patch of sky above the wild pond with their fluttering wings, flying in a loose V. They fill my heart and they would fill yours. It is some kind of water fowl. They talk about landing in my pond, some of them do. I can feel their energy. Then they pass on to the river, the silvery bells growing fainter untill it fades into mystery and the blue dark falls.

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    nice to hear nice word, like a song of nature.


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    beautifully put

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    when I saw this thread restarted I was hoping SMG had bought a duck stamp and set out some decoys.
    If you do it SMG, I got a dawg you can borry.

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