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Thread: 48 hours in Niigata, Give me your top five.

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    Nisai Motown's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Dearborn, MI USA

    48 hours in Niigata, Give me your top five.

    Hay everyone,

    I was just told today that I would be traveling to China and South Korea for work next month. After talking to my boss, and researching flights, it looks as though I can swing a weekend layover in Japan between the two destinations. Having been to Japan for before, I will be able to get the Shinkansen to Nagaoka.

    I most defiantly have my own opinions on what breeders are on the must see list for this very brief weekend stopover. I thought it might be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks.

    So give me your top five up and coming breeders and why :?:

    Now I need to see if I can hire one of our favorite showa dealers to drive me around for a couple of days and help translate.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    Hey yourself!
    I hope your side trip comes to fruition, as it sounds "like a plan".
    The term up and coming makes me bellieve your looking for unknowns, so i wouldn't have any input there.
    In Ojiya, you must stop and see mr hasegawa and his wonderful kohakus. he breeds sanke and showa but his kohaku's are the best buy for the buck!
    while there stop off and see mr suda.in kowada. lots of nice kawarimono and gin rin! more great gosanke!
    in yomogihira is mr tanaka at Marusyo koi farm. that guy has the neatest koi and tremendous variety. i caught glimpses of color in the drain grates under my feet as was told that's where he hides his stealth koi. my koi kichi found the nicest douitsu sanke there, and i have seen chas and ociba's to die for!
    If I had to pick one little town to concentrate on it would be mushigame.
    all my hero's are there....shintaro, yamamatsu- matsunosuke,yagenji and igarashi kazuto! once there you can practically walk to them all in a matter on minutes.
    If it was me i might write fujio oomo and see what he would charge you to guide you around to different breeders. his english is good and he might know some up and comers like himself! [email protected]
    sure hope you can pull it off! we will expect a DETAILED REPORT if you do!

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    Jumbo Bern's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Sunningdale, UK
    Why just five breeders, why not five villages?

    As Dick points out Mushigame offers a bunch of breeders all in walking distance of each other, I'd include Maruju within his already select bunch,
    if you're going from Kazuto to Yagenji, you are going to go past it anyway.

    So - Mushigame,
    Yamogighara, also for the reasons Dick gave, but include Kaneko too, only just in the next village.
    Koguriyama, for Shinoda, Hansuke, Otsuka, Hiroi
    Iwamagi, for Dainichi, Izumiaya and Mano just a bit further along the road.
    Uragara, for Torazo, & Miyaishi, theres a whole bunch of other here too, eg Kosugi, Kinsuen etc.

    Have fun,

    rgds Bern
    South East Koi Club

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    there is many villages and breeders around niigata and as we speak there would be new breeders around but heres a few (dont know about spealing)
    mushigama region youve got higarashi, shintro, igarashi youve got hiroshima region, yamakoshi region, ojiya city and many more.
    breaders there is also so many like rurigowa, miaishi, tanaka, danichi, hirasowa and you could go on and on.


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    Jumbo l113892's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    louisville, ky usa

    Give me your e-mail address and I'll send you a list of options.

    Mike Pfeffer
    Northern Midwest ZNA show
    June 19 - 20, 2010
    Season's Garden Nursery
    Fishers, IN

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    Snow boys, snow. JR

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    Dec 2003
    Silicon Valley, California

    OK if not Nigata where else


    Hope you are doing well.

    Thank-you for pointing out that given the time of the year Nigata is not a practical destination.

    I find myself in the same situation as Motown though i.e. I should have a weekend to kill in Tokyo in March of this year. Any suggestions for Koi related sight seeing.

    I heard that there's a Koi farmer in Chiba with a sizeable facility and that might be a good trip.

    Your thoughts ?

    Constraint: I've never been to Japan before and do not speak/read Japanese.

    On a related note: I was in Taiwan in November and used my half day off to visit a Taiwanese Koi farm (my first Koi farm visit). I was quite impressed by the size of Nissai's from Taiwan. I understand that Taiwanese Koi lose confirmation as they grow though...


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    Nisai Motown's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Dearborn, MI USA
    I should have given a little more detail about my plans and my history. First, I was in Ojiya city about three years ago for a single day before I departed for home (Detroit). I was very naive about Koi Kichi back then. I killed half my day at Miyakoya auction, and the other half at Dainichi.

    This time will be different, I'm planning ahead with the help of a colleague from Toyama. I should have two days, and someone else will be driving and translating for me.

    With so little time, I'm planning ahead with the help of my Shobunsha map of the Niigata prefecture.

    Ojiya City (Miyakoya, Hasegawa)
    Koguriyama (Shinosei, Shinoda)
    Mushigame (Everyone..Sakai, Igarashi, Shintaro...ect)

    As for the "up and comers" comment, I was thinking of any breeders that have been making a push lately. An example of this would be Shinosei. His Kohaku have made a size jump the last couple of years without the lost in the sharpness of the Kiwa. I have only seen a couple of examples of his in person. I want to see how it compares with Kohaku from the other "named" breeders such as Sakai and Shintaro.

    As for the snow...I'll risk it, don't really have a choice do I? I don't have enough time to get down Fukuyama on this trip and I'm traditionalist. I want to see the home of Nishikigoi.

    One day the time will be right for a proper trip to Japan.


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    Jumbo Bern's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Sunningdale, UK

    Keep us informed.

    rgds BERN
    South East Koi Club

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    OK boys, but be careful! JR

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