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Thread: Pump/filter???

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    Hi,My front pond is 2000 gallons.I am looking to fit a Nexus 200 from a 4" bottom drain and a Yamitsu cartridge filter to the skimmer.I am ideally looking to site the filters approx 24' from the pond.Is this practical and if so what size/make pumps will i need to return the water 24' back to the pond from the Nexus and skimmer..Also would there be any problems with air to the bottom drain from this distance???Thanks.

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    With that amount of distance i would not go any smaller than 2 inch pipe. if pond was any bigger I would run 3 inch. would also shoot for a pump that can do 125% to 150% of the pond volume per hour. You will loose a good bit of flow over that distance. @4 feet doesn't sound like much but let me see.... the return will be just as long and now you are looking at 50 feet of pipe. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=20507 hgihlight and go here is a good sequence pump efficient and 3600 gph flow. take a look and see other wise find a similar pump, gotta run dinner just arrived good luck
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    Aloha Marc,
    I would certainly agree with Mike, that 2" would be the minimum size for the return pipe, and 3" would give less resistance. And since most pumps push water much more efficiently than they pull, the supply piping needs to be larger to give an acceptable flow. A 4" from the bottom drain or even two drains with 3" pipes should give you good flow rates. I've been using Wave pumps from W. Lim, and have found them to be very efficient.
    I hope this helps,

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